Naples-Fiorentina, Sunday 7 May: metro, bus, funiculars

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Sunday May 7th another match will be played Football league, despite Napoli having already won the Scudetto this year. The match between Napoli and Fiorentina will take place at the Maradona stadium. For the occasion, the ANM has prepared a special plan for public transport. Here is the detailed information:

In relation to the sporting events on Sunday 7 May, ANM announces that the service will undergo the following changes:

  • Metro Line 1: circulation limited to the Piscinola/Dante section, uninterrupted service until 02.00 the following day.
    • Last entire journey: from Garibaldi at 21.04, from Piscinola at 20.34
    • Last partial journey: from Piscinola to Dante at 01.26, from Dante to Piscinola at 01.48
  • Montesanto, Mergellina and Centrale funiculars: service active until 02.00 of the following day.
  • Bus: lines 116, 140, 151, 162, 165, 169, 175, 182, 196, C16, 204, 254 (204 and 254 operated by bus), R5, R7, 612 guaranteed until 02.00 the following day. The other lines will follow the ordinary holiday schedule. Night bus service suspended.
  • Alibus: service active until 02.00 of the following day.
  • Trolleybuses and trams: service suspended from 17:00.

Parking available

  • Silver parking – Chiaiano and Frullone: open until 02.00 the following day.
  • Brin and Colli Aminei car parks: open all night.
  • Elevators: in operation until 14.00.
  • Anm Point: active until the closure of the lifts.
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