Scudetto party Naples, here are the evening timetables of the ANM and EAV transports

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In view of the potential victory of the third championship in the history of the Neapolitan club, a series of measures have been planned for guaranteeing the safety of citizens and the flow of traffic during the festivities.

The Municipality and the Campania Region have worked closely with the Police Headquarters and the Anm and Eav companies to develop a detailed plan.

Traffic restrictions and enhancement of public transport

The heart of the city will be transformed into aPedestrian areaa traffic ban for cars and motorcycles 21 pm: 00 in the evenings of Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 May.
This provision, already implemented last Sunday 30 April, joins an extraordinary plan for i public transport, designed to make it easier for fans to return home after the celebrations.

Measures for public safety and urban mobility

To prevent accidents and ensure the smooth running of the festivities, it will be parking is prohibited in the areas in front of hospitals citizens and will be the sale of bottled beverages is prohibited glass or cans. Furthermore, the use of barrels and fireworks will be strictly prohibited in the whole city.

All the details on the areas closed to traffic are available in our dedicated piece.

Extended timetables and special services for public transport

Public transport, including subways, funiculars and buses, will follow an extraordinary program on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 May, with extended hours and additional services to facilitate the return home of fans.

Wednesday 3 May: times and services on the occasion of Lazio-Sassuolo

During the Lazio-Sassuolo match, which could mathematically assign the Scudetto to Napoli in case of lack of victory for Lazio, the following public transport will close without extensions.

  • Subway 1 Line: closes at 23pm
  • Central Funiculars: closes at 22pm
  • Montesanto funicular: closes at 22pm

Thursday 4 May: timetables and services for Udinese-Naples

On the evening of Thursday 4 May, during the match Udinese-Napoli, Subway 2 Line of Ferrovie dello Stato and public transport Anm and EAV they will be operational until 2:00 in the night.

These are the services involved with closing at 2:00 in the night

Also parking ANM will open until 2:00, here is the list:

  • Silver,
  • Brin,
  • Chiaiano,
  • Colli Aminei
  • Frullone

These are the EAV transport timetables communicated by the company up to now, as indicated on May 3rd no reinforcements of the Circumvesuviana have been activated.

Last races of Cumana

  • From Montesanto to Torregaveta at 00:42
  • From Torregaveta to Montesanto at 23pm

Last races of the Circumflegrea

  • From Montesanto to Licola at 23pm
  • From Montesanto to Quarto at 00:00
  • From Licola to Montesanto at 23pm

Last journeys of the Piscinola-Aversa Metro

  • From Piscinola to Aversa at 23pm
  • From Aversa to Piscinola at 23pm

These measures will guarantee an efficient and safe transport service for all fans.

The extension of ANM public transport in the following days of the championship

The agreement between the ANM and the trade union organizations provides for the extension of the public transport service until 2 in the morning on the occasion of all the celebrations for the scudetto, i.e. on all the dates of Napoli matches and the date of the official holiday of the Municipality and Calcio Napoli.

These are the dates involved in the extension:

  • Thursday 4 May (Udinese-Naples),
  • Sunday 7 May (Naples-Fiorentina),
  • Sunday 21 May (Naples-Inter)
  • Sunday 4 June (official party organized by the Municipality of Naples and Calcio Napoli).

How will the extension of the public transport service work?

  • Subway 1 Line: will limit the section to Dante, putting 8 trains into circulation
  • Funicular: the Centrale, Mergellina and Montesanto lines will remain open until 2:00 the following day
  • Buses and alibus: buses and alibus, i.e. the shuttle service on the Capodichino-Molo Beverello route, will remain active until 2 in the morning
  • Public elevators: open until 14pm
  • Parking ANM: they will remain open until 2 am the following day
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