Naples, new bus line S2 and change to routes 180 and C76

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The transport agency ANM announced substantial changes to the routes of the 180 and C76 bus routes. Starting from October 23rd, the line C76 it will begin its journey from the terminus Cardarelli and will follow an itinerary that includes streets such as Pietravalle, Montesano and Guantai in Orsolone, before concluding its journey at the Cardarelli Hospital.

Similarly, the line 180, starting from P.le Tecchio, a new route will follow which includes routes such as Marino, Leopardi and Ghisleri, to finally return to the starting point.

C76 departing from the Cardarelli terminus continue along v. Pietravalle – via Montesano (M 1 Policlinico) – v. Quagliariello – see Municipal Santacroce in Orsolone – p. Ruggieri (Monaldi hospital) – see Glove makers in Orsolone – see Five – Camaldoli Hospital – see Five – see Glove makers in Orsolone – see Municipal Santacroce in Orsolone – see Municipal Santacroce in Orsolone – Piazzatta Santacroce – v. Gaetano – see De Amicis – see Pansini (Polyclinic Hospital) - see Semmola (Pascale Hospital) – see D' Antona – Cardarelli Hospital (terminus)

180 at the start from piazzale Tecchio (M2 CAMPI FLEGREI) take v. Marino – see Leopards – see Cinthia (MS ANGELO) – see Salomone (AIRPORT) – see Ruffo di Calabria – v.le Maddalena – Secondigliano – v. Monte Rosa – see Gran Sasso – see Cervi Brothers – see Bakù – see Ghisleri – v.Labriola – v.Galimberti – v. Zuccarini (M1 PISCINOLA)
On the way back departing from v. Zuccarini (M1 PISCINOLA) takes v. Gobetti – see Labriola – see Resistance – see Ghisleri -v. Baku – see Cervi Brothers – see Monte Rosa – see Rome towards Scampia – Secondigliano – v. le Maddalena – see Solomon – see Ruffo di Calabria (AIRPORT) – see M. Aurelio – see Coclite – see Cinthia (MS ANGELO) – see D'Annunzio -v. De Gennaro – see Marino – square Tecchio (EXHIBITION) – square Tecchio (M2 CAMPI FLEGREI)

Introduction of the new S2 Line

On the same day, a new bus line will also be introduced, S2, which will have its initial stationing in Piazzale Tecchio. This line will serve numerous key points such as Leopardi, Quattro Giornate and Montagna Spaccata, before returning to the starting point.

S2 line: Piazzale Tecchio parking – see G. Marino – see Leopardi – see Cinthia – see Caldieri – see Ribeira – see Four Days (Metro Line 1) – see Groan – see Rossini – see Pigna – see Montagna Spaccata – see Cinthia – see D'Annunzio – see De Gennaro – see G. Marino – see Tecchio (Mostra and Circumflegrea) – Piazzale Tecchio (Metro Line 2)

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