Napoli Teatro Festival online: free theatrical performances on the web

naples theater festival
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The Napoli Teatro Festival continues online: many free theatrical performances are scheduled to be seen directly from your home!

Naples Theater Festival is the review that has been taking place for years in the Neapolitan city, but also in Campania, and as you can already guess from the name is dedicated to the Theater. Just this summer the thirteenth appointment which has met with incredible success.

Currently, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the theaters remain closed but the Napoli Teatro Festival offers everyone the opportunity to follow for free, directly from our home, some of the recent shows, obviously hoping to return to see them live as soon as possible.

Recall also that the show Shakespeare-Bach with Charlotte Rampling and Sonia Wieder-Atherton, scheduled for December 30, 2020, it has been moved at the 2021 edition of the review.


All the shows that Napoli Teatro Festival has made available are those recorded live during its last edition, or in July 2020. To be able to see the shows for free it will be enough connect on Media library of the digital Ecosystem show for the culture of the Campania Region.

Here are the shows scheduled:

  • Waiting room –The waiting room, directed by Ettore De Lorenzo
  • Why read the classics, with Francesco Montanari and Guglielmo Poggi, directed by Davide Sacco
  • Seventh sense, dramaturgy and direction Nadia Baldi
  • The mystique of the Cosmos, mezzo-soprano and artistic direction Raffaella Ambrosino
  • You sing them about the Cinderella cat, a project of musical theater and Neapolitan puppets by Ambrogio Sparagna
  • The magic door, directed by Giada Colagrande
  • An person, a musical show by Roberta Rossi
  • Background noise, from an idea of ​​Ivo Parlati, Nadia Baldi
  • Concert between writing and transcription, by Roberto De Simone
  • All the nights of a day, with Claudio Di Palma, Marina Sorrenti
  • Resurrexit Cassandra, concept and direction Jan Fabre, text Ruggero Cappuccio
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