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Open Mann, the card of the Archaeological Museum of Naples to visit it all year round

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The annual card of the Archaeological Museum of Naples arrives to visit it all year round whenever you want. Here is Open MANN!

A big news comes from National Archaeological Museum of Naples and it concerns the sale of one annual card that allows you to visit MANN throughout the year whenever you want. It is valid for both permanent exhibitions for both temporary ones.

Is called Open MANN and it will be possible to buy it from 1 December 2018 al launch price of 15 euro, but in the next paragraph on prices you can read all the info for the different versions.

In this way, the most important museum in Europe on Roman archeology, and more, aligns with initiatives from other countries that for some time now allow citizens to buy discounted cards that allow them to visit the museums several times over the months, so as to be able to deepen their knowledge of the preserved artistic heritage in a more attentive manner.

Benefits and discounts of the Open MANN

The launch price of 15 euro will be valid from December 1 to 7 January 2019 and subsequently it will probably vary. The card will also allow you to receive discounts e concessions for private events, services, events, cultural activities, initiatives, purchase of audio guides, multimedia, guided tours, laboratories and to Cafeteria (which will be open soon) and at the Museum Bookshop.

The card is personal and non-transferable and entitles you to a reduced ticket for an accompanying person.

Prices of the OpenMann

As mentioned, until the 7 January the card will cost 15 euro, but from 8 January the price will increase to 25 €. For during 25 the price is of 10 in the promo period and subsequently of 13 euro, while the family version costs 30 euro during the promo, then 40 euro.

Information on the Open MANN

Where to buy it: at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Piazza Museo 19. Also available on the sites OperMann, Naples Archaeological Museum e Coopculture.

info: Official site | Facebook page

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