Piano City Napoli 2020: many concerts in 32 locations

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Piano City Napoli, the beautiful festival dedicated to music, returns to the city with a truly rich program: seven events will be held in 32 different locations!

Canceled months ago due to the health emergency, Piano City Napoli, the festival dedicated to music that should have taken place from 26 to 29 March 2020 has been rescheduled from the 7 to the 13 September 2020 with the title of Naples at the Piano. 

The program of this new edition will be really rich and foresee seven days, instead of four as in previous editions, of concerts and 145 events in 32 different locations, including the Maschio Angioino, Castel dell'Ovo, Complex of San Domenico Maggiore and many others.

By reservation only

To participate in the events it will be necessary make a reservation to guarantee guests compliance with anti-Covid 19 regulations, such as social distancing.

The reservation can be made on the site indicated in the information mirror, subject to availability by 09:00 of the day before the event, in the case of concerts instead it can be accessed from 50 to 20 minutes before the start. Also all present will have the obligation to wear a mask during concerts both outdoors and indoors.

The sections of Piano City Napoli

For the 2020 edition the concerts will be divided into five sections. Here they are listed below:

  • Main Concert: these are the most important events in which artists of national and international fame will take part
  • City Concert: these are events and concerts that will take place in places in the city such as museums, churches, cloisters, municipal villas and historic buildings.
  • House Concert: House Concerts due to Covid 19 restrictions can only be followed online on Facebook page . of Piano City Naples
  • Guest Concert: these are events promoted by external organizations such as hotels or commercial premises
  • Educational: Steinway & Sons special piano presentations


Here are some of the events scheduled for Piano City Napoli 2020. You will find the complete program of events below.

September 7th 

  • Maschio Angioino 21 pm: concert by pianist Anna Kravtchenko
  • Hermann Nitsch Museum at dawn: Jazz concert with Lorenzo Campese
  • Civic Museum Gaetano Filangieri 16 pm: Classical music concert with Sofia Sguazzo
  • Sala del Capitolo of the San Domenico Maggiore complex: at 17:00 classical section the duo Annagrazia Di Meo and Tonia Galassi. 19 pm piano Maria Grazia Ritrovato and narrator Martin Rua
  • Castel dell'ovo: 17:00 Francesco Marziani for the jazz section, 19:00 Bruno Bavola

September 8th 

  • Maschio Angioino: from 17:00 to 19:00 jazz with Ivano Leva and Lello Petrarca. At 21:30 pm appointment with Pasquale Iannone.
  • Civic Museum Gaetano Filangieri 16 pm: original music with Linda Vanacore.
  • Chapter room of the San Domenico Maggiore complex: 19 pm the Yhe Ninels: Valentina Branco and Antonio Roccia
  • Castel dell'Ovo: 17:00 original music with Francesco Lettieri, 19:00 jazz appointment with Nestor Piacenti
  • Refectory of the Santa Maria in Gerusalemme monastic complex: 17:00 Leandro Nicolella, 19:00 Francesca Genny di Costanzo

9 Settembre 

  • Maschio Angioino: 17:00 jazz concert by Antonio Castaldo, 19:00 Simone Sale with Tra Apollineo e Dionisiaco, 21:00 Tribute to Beethoven.
  • Civic Museum Gaetano Filangieri: 16 pm Gianluca Pagano
  • Sala Del Capitolo of the San Domenico Maggiore Complex at 17 pm appointment with the classic 00 hands with Rosanna Di Giuseppe and Tania Malatesta, at 4 pm Marco Palumbo and Natalino Palena.

To know all the other events and for more information consult the complete program. 

Information on Piano City Napoli

When: from 7 to 13 September 2020

Where: different locations in Naples

Timetable: from 16: 00

Price: consult the website

Contacts: Official site

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