Fried 1 euro pizza from Antica Rosticceria Vestuto in Naples

Fried Pizza Napoletana

At the Antica Rosticceria Vestuto in Naples, Black Friday is celebrated with the promotion of fried pizza at 1 euro.

Unfailing opportunity for all good lovers traditional Neapolitan food, day 29 November 2019 the Ancient Rosticceria Vestuto of Naples proposes its exquisite fried pizza for only 1 euro.

Also to Napoli it is therefore time to Black Friday, the day of low cost shopping in which shops and restaurants propose discounts and downward prices, and take advantage of it becomes almost a must.

La Neapolitan cuisine it is full of tasty dishes to try, ranging from salty to sweet and satisfy and delight the palate of many citizens and tourists every day.

La fried pizza it is one of the most appreciated and known Neapolitan dishes in the world, both for its soft and at the same time crunchy dough, and for the tasty filling that makes the taste buds of anyone who tastes it crazy.

The Ancient Rosticceria Vestuto located in square Gian Battista Vico 46, will therefore be happy to prepare at the moment very hot and fragrant pizzas, made with selected and fresh raw materials, chosen specifically to offer the best to their customers.

Appointment therefore to mark in the calendar, to grant oneself a delicious and typically Neapolitan break.

Information on fried pizza at 1 euro from L'Antica Rosticceria Vestuto

Where: Antica Rosticceria Vestuto, Piazza Gian Battista Vico 46, Naples

When: 29 November 2019

Schedule: From 09: 00 to 21: 30

Price: Fried square at 1 euro

Information: Facebook event

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Written by Susanna Mele
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