The musical Romeo and Giulietta at the Palapartenope between love, hate and rivalry

The musical Romeo and Juliet at the Palapartenope in Naples
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Triumph of emotions and many special effects in the musical Romeo and Juliet on stage at the Palapartenope in Naples!

The musical Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World will stop at the theater Palapartenope of Naples the And 26 27 December 2015.

The tragic love story between two boys belonging to rival families, as we know, was written by the great William Shakespeare and still today, after centuries, it moves readers all over the world.
This modern musical show, whose music was composed by Gérard Presgurvic and the lyrics by the famous lyricist Vincenzo Incenzo, has achieved a resounding success throughout Europe and unexpected.

From the opening of the curtain, with the scene of an open book where the original love verses are quoted, there is a crescendo of involvement and emotions that reach the climax in the acts where the meeting of the two protagonists takes place, and in the final act in which love triumphs in death of young lovers.

To seal this continuum of trepidation there are the magnificent sets with 3D effects and the skill of the cast, whose names include the beautiful Giulia Luzi, the charming Federico Maringhetti and the powerful voice of Barbara Cola.

Information on Romeo and Juliet - Love and Change the World

When: and the 26 27 December 2015

  • 26 December: at 17.00 and 21.00
  • 27 December: at 17.0

Where: Palapartenope theater, via Barbagallo 115
Ticket prices:

  • Poltronissima Gold Numbered Whole € 70,00 | Poltronissima Gold Numbered Reduced Children € 56,00
  • Poltronissima Numbered Whole € 59,00 | Poltronissima Numbered Reduced Children € 47,00
  • First Armchair Numbered Full € 48,00 | First Armchair Numbered Reduced Children € 38,00
  • Second Armchair Numbered Full € 36,00 | Second Armchair Numbered Reduced Children € 28,00
  • Total Numbered Grandstand € 27,00 | Reduced Numbered Grandstand € 22,00

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