Fiorello in Naples, at the Palapartenope his show between improvisations, gags and music

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Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 April 2022 al Palapartenope in Naples there will be a special appointment with the show of Fiorello Rosary. The showman, after 5 years of absence from the stage, returns to the theater, with Fiorello presents: Fiorello, ready to entertain all the audience in the hall.

The show between fun and surprise guests

Always loved by everyone, Fiorello will put on a show engaging and fun, which according to his style, will never be the same as himself, but rather in the course of the evenings will change, in the name of improvisations, mimic inventions and scenic experiments.

The audience in the theater will also be personally involved and there will also be the participation of surprise guests, in addition to the band of musicians who will accompany them during the show. In short, Fiorello's idea is to stage a show that will never be the same as it was put on paper.

Obviously, they will not fail food for thought about current events, Italy and its citizens, and all the changes that are taking place. Don't miss the appointment!

About Fiorello presents Fiorello


April 13th and 14th 2022


Palapartenope, Via Corrado Barbagallo, 115, 80125 Naples

Working hours:

21 hours: 00



Palapartenope official website

Anti-Covid rules

  • Reinforced Green Pass
  • FFP2 mask

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  • Where: Palapartenope, Naples
  • When: from Wednesday 13 April 2022 to Thursday 14 April 2022, from 21 pm
  • Prezzi:
    • Minimum ticket: €40
    • Maximum ticket : 65€
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