Queen at the opera at the Palapartenope Theater in Naples: the concert dedicated to the band

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Friday October 20 2023 at Palapartenope Theater of Naples, an unmissable event will take place, we are talking about Queen at the Opera, that is, the engaging show dedicated to one of the most important bands that revolutionized the world of music.

Initially, the concert was scheduled for April 29, 2023, the October 20 show will therefore be a recovery of this date and the tickets already purchased obviously remain valid.

It will therefore be a special event for all fans of the incredible British rock band, you will in fact have the opportunity to listen to all the group's songs in a renewed key, rock/symphonic never heard of it before.

The incredible show dedicated to Queen

This fantastic show is an event that has been renewed since 2015 and every year is always a huge success with many spectators in every part of Italy. The idea for this show was born from Simone Scorcelletti to let the public listen to the unforgettable songs of Queen, obviously in a completely new and particular way.

It will therefore be an unprecedented show with a symphony orchestra, a rock band, 5 singers including a soprano and a visual show really special! Do not miss!

Contacts and information

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  • Where: Palapartenope Theater
  • When: Friday 20 October 2023, from 21pm
  • Prezzi:
    • Minimum ticket: €22.80
    • Maximum ticket: €74.10
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Written by Serena De Luca
Image source: Envato Subscription
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