Ryanair in Naples, 6 new routes: Zakynthos, Trapani, Gdansk, Paphos, and many others

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Ryanair is preparing to summer season in Naples with the most extensive flight schedule it has ever had since it started operating at Capodichino airport. Although there is also a factor uncertain to consider, that is the increase of the departure tax wanted by City of Naples to cover the expenses of the Pact for Naples, which will go from 6,5 to 8,5 euros per departing passenger.

Six new destinations for the summer

Ryanair should add six new routes and an increase in frequencies on over 10 existing routes.

Le new destinations They include:

  • Gdansk
  • Memmingen
  • Paphos
  • Shannon
  • Trapani
  • Zakynthos

The low-cost airline plans to operate further 530 flights per week, having a growth of 90% compared to the pre-Covid period. The goal is to transport 3,9 million passengers to and from the Neapolitan city.

The question of the tax on departing passengers

Il Commercial Director, Jason McGuinness, raised the question of the proposal 2 euro increase in tax on passengers departing from Naples.

Ryanair asks the Municipality of Naples to revoke this proposal and to the Italian Government to eliminate the municipal surcharge (6,50 euros per departing passenger) from all Italian airports for guarantee a growth continuation of the Italian tourist economy.

The managing director of Gesac, Roberto Barbieri:

“Ryanair's numbers confirm the extraordinary connectivity of the Neapolitan airport and its ability to boost the local economy. After the pandemic shock, we painstakingly reconstructed and expanded the flight offer, bringing visitors to our Region well beyond the summer peak period, contributing to the seasonal adjustment of tourist flows.

In everyone's interest and according to reasonable methods identified with the Government, we hope to resolve the issue of increasing the municipal surcharge, in order to maintain current traffic volumes and simultaneously develop Salerno airport, which will gradually become operational starting next year”.

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