San Giovanni a Teduccio, changes to traffic from 5 to 7 February

Via Ferrante Learned in Naples

Naples is preparing to live a week of major infrastructure works that interest via Ferrante Learned, a fundamental road junction for city mobility. The objective is to improve urban quality and the functionality of essential services, but this will inevitably lead to limitations temporary changes to vehicular traffic.

The dates of the works

I work in via Ferrante Learned are scheduled from 5 to February 8 2024, with construction hours active from 7: 30 to 17: 30. A time interval chosen in order to minimize circulation discomfort, concentrating operations during working hours.

The works that will be carried out

In the heart of Naples, the works planned in via Ferrante Learned concern the milling and resurfacing of the road surface, an integral part of the larger one Large urban redevelopment project of the Naples East Port Area. An intervention that aims to improve the quality of the road surface and optimize the sewer system in the Corso San Giovanni area, with the final objective of raising the level of liveability and safety of the area, which has now been almost abandoned to itself for some time.

How traffic will be reorganized

During the works, circulation in via Ferrante Learned will undergo significant changes. It is expected prohibition of vehicular transit on the lane affected by the works, which will be implemented dynamically depending on the position of the mobile construction site.

To manage the vehicular flow, they will be employed movieri which will regulate the passage of vehicles in the areas adjacent to the construction site, thus guaranteeing the safety and fluidity of traffic. Furthermore, they will be indicated alternative routes adequately reported to divert traffic from the areas affected by the works.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: Google Maps
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