Sanremo 2024, problems with televoting: here's how it works

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La final evening of the Festival of Sanremo has been marked by multiple unexpected events with the system televoting which are also fueling various conspiracy theories about favoritism towards certain authors. Among the fans eager to support their favorites, many found themselves to face a system that seemed not to keep up. THE social networks they echoed their voices, with a chorus of complaints about unconfirmed votes and the anxiety of not having their preference recognised.

The problem that occurs with televoting

Il televoting of the Festival found himself under siege on an evening where enthusiasm is reaching unexpected peaks. Many viewers have told of having sent their vote, waiting in vain for the confirmation message which establishes the validity of the choice.

“The system is at a standstill”, “Televoting is haywire”, were just some of the comments spread on the social, testifying to a stalemate. Faced with this scenario, Amadeus, from the Ariston stage, tried to throw water on the fire, admitting slowdowns and encouraging patience: “They are clearing the traffic“, he assured, underlining the exceptional turnout of votes as the main cause of the inconveniences.

When is it confirmed whether a vote is valid?

The validity of a vote al Festival of Sanremo takes shape when the viewer sends the message, beyond the confirmation message: the message is the signal that certifies the registration of one's support but Telecom is giving priority to the registration of votes so the confirmation may not arrive. Without this confirmation, the vote is still valid. The situation becomes complicated with the system being overloaded: many find themselves repeatedly sending their vote without receiving any response, but the votes are still counted individually.

Are votes also paid for votes for which confirmation has not been received?

A non-negligible detail: even if sent, unconfirmed votes do not incur any charges. In fact, only text messages that receive the vote confirmation will be charged, with an important guarantee: no user will pay for more than five messages by telephone, a measure designed to protect participants from excessive costs in the event of malfunctions.

The reactions of the competing artists

Faced with the problems of televoting, competing artists in Sanremo they didn't stand by and watch. Sensitive to the difficulties encountered by their fans, many of them spoke out social media to send messages of encouragement and clarification. Annalisa, for example, used his Instagram Stories to urge:

Yes, the system is clogged, but don't worry, keep voting until you receive the code of confirmation of the vote

An invitation to perseverance also shared by irama, who reiterated the importance of confirmation:

“Until you receive a confirmation message your vote is not valid.”

Ghali, for his part, wanted to reassure fans on the economic front, specifying:

“They will charge you the maximum cost of five SMS for every phone"

Statements that reflect not only the artists' commitment to keeping alive the connection with their supporters, but also their attention to ensuring a fair and transparent voting experience.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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