School strike on 7 December with a bridge until the 10th

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December 7, 2023 will mark a crucial day in the Italian educational panorama. On this date, schools across the country will face a national strike, proclaimed by unions and teachers associations.

We remind you that it is also scheduled for that date strike of some transports, including EAV.

Teachers and school staff they mobilize to express their concerns and requests, trying to draw attention to crucial issues that concern the future of education in Italy. The impact of this day will be strongly felt in every corner of the country, influencing students, families and the entire structure of the school system.

The strike on December 7th will lead students to carry out lessons if they do not have to take place a bridge until the 10th, given that it is scheduled for December 8th the national holiday of the Immaculate Conception.

The reasons for the strike: the teachers' demands

Teachers from all over Italy have decided to raise your voice through one strike national, driven by a series of profound and urgent motivations. At the center of their requests is the question of school sizing, with one criticism to the proposal to increase the minimum number of pupils per institution from 900 to 1000. This change could lead to the creation of so-called "monster institutions", considered unmanageable, also there would be thousands of jobs at risk.

Another highlight is the pension reform, seen as working life extender and producer of inadequate pensions for future generations. Teachers also oppose the recent budget bill of the Government, which could worsen pension conditions current and future.

The protest also touches on the issue ofDifferentiated Autonomy, the management of the funds PNRR, and the request for the abolition of theVALID. Furthermore, it is fundamental the request for the hiring of all temporary workers with at least three years of service, changing the rules on recruitment. Finally, the teachers speak out against the last one CCNL school and any form of war, promoting the reconversion of weapons factories for social purposes.

Will you go to school? Here is how the lessons will be organised

Faced with the national strike on December 7, many families and students are asking themselves: we will go to school? The answer varies depending on the institutions and individual participating teachers, but in general, the functioning of schools may suffer significant variations that day.

Given the scope of the strike, which involves teachers, ATA, educational and management staff,organization of lessons could be severely impacted.

In some schools, it may not be possible to guarantee the normal carrying out of teaching activities. Students may be in classes with substitute teachers or, in most cases, no teachers, limiting activity to proctoring duties.

Schools are working to inform families and students about possible changes. Some institutes have already communicated that:

  • in case of absence of teachers during the first hour of lessons, students may not be admitted to class or may be allowed access only from the second hour
  • in case of absence of teachers during the last hour of lessons, students could leave one hour early

As already mentioned, the situation varies from school to school and class to class, parents are invited to check the specific provisions of their institution and to be prepared for last minute changes.

What essential services will be active during the strike

Despite the strike of December 7th will involve most of the school staff, some essential activities they will however be guaranteed, in accordance with national regulations. A necessity to ensure that, even on days of mobilization like this, some fundamental services are preserved for the functioning of schools.

Among the services that will be maintained are theopening and closing of schools to ensure supervision of entrances, as well as the guarantee of minimum services such as rubbish collection , maintenance of any agricultural structures or technical laboratories that require continuous supervision.

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