Stop traffic and rest areas in Piazza del Gesù for the Via Crucis

Photos of Piazza del Gesu

Il 29 March, on the occasion of Good Friday, Piazza del Gesù will become the fulcrum of Via Crucis Diocesana which will begin at 20.45pm. In view of the event, a specific circulation device will be in force from 18:00 23:30 for the sake of better manage the flow of participants and ensure their safety.

The surrounding streets will undergo temporary changes to TRAFFIC to facilitate the celebration. Here are the details.

The traffic system: closed roads and restrictions

On the occasion of Diocesan Way of the Cross, the circulation device provides specific measures to guarantee the smooth running of the event and the safety of the participants:

  • Will be established ban vehicular, with exceptions for emergency vehicles, law enforcement agencies, Civil Protection service vehicles and residents' vehicles. Residents will only be able to access through via Dominic Capitelli e via Cisterna dell'Olio, passing from Lower Trinity Major e piazza del Gesù, with the obelisk of the Immaculate Conception on the right side of the road. They will have to present a document certifying their residence.
  • The no stopping and parking prohibition with forced removal in all the areas involved, therefore on Piazza del Gesù and in the streets and side streets adjacent to it.

Access for Taxi, disabled and public transport services

To better accommodate the needs related to the event and ensure smooth circulation in the area, further changes have been made to the urban mobility:

  • THErest area dedicated to vehicles for loading and unloading of goods will come temporarily suspended for the duration of the event.
  • The ones remain confirmed rest areas for non-scheduled public transport, such as i taxi, And the restricted areas to people with disabilities, in order to guarantee accessibility and essential services.
  • La bus stop in Piazza del Gesù will be relocated to Via Monte Oliveto, near the Faculty of Architecture. The boarding and alighting of passengers at this new location will be managed with the support of Local Policeto ensure order and safety.
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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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