2018 Carnival in Naples with the tammurriata in mask between live music and tradition

masked tammorre for 2018 carnival in naples
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For the 2018 Carnival in Naples, Napulitanata offers a masked Tammurriata with traditional live music.

Tuesday February 13 2018 the Tammurriata in mask for the Carnival 2018 in Naples near Napulitanata near the National Museum, the first concert hall dedicated entirely to the traditional Neapolitan song.

The name of the location originates from a famous piece of the 1884 signed Di Giacomo - Costa and is a neologism with which the authors have perfected the idea of ​​a Neapolitan serenade, just a "napulitanata". The purpose of the association Napulitanata, completely composed of under 35, is that of enhance the traditional Neapolitan song and make it become a tourist attraction for the city.

During the evening they will perform Alessandro Colmaier, on vocals and tammorra, Mimmo Matania on accordion and Pasquale Cirillo on piano. The repertoire that the artists will propose to the public will be composed of folk music from Campania and Neapolitan classics.

The location is very close to the stops of the 1 line and the 2 metro line, but for those who want an agreement has been stipulated with the Garage Cavour located in Piazza Cavour 34.

Information on the Tammurriata in mask

When: 13 February 2018

Where: Napulitanata, Piazza National Museum 10 (arcade Galleria Principe), Naples

Schedule: 21:00

Price: 10 euros including a glass of wine or non-alcoholic

Contacts: Facebook event | for information and reservations 348 998 3871 info@napulitanata.com

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