Monday, June 21, 2021
Fabiana Bianchi

The digital Green Pass on the Io and Immuni apps: here's how it works

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The now known and expected Green pass Green Certification, will be available onapplication IO, the same that is used for Cashback, for the holiday bonus and for other services of the Public Administration. It can also be found on immune.

As for the IO app, it must first be said that following a updating having seen the adaptation of PagoPA to the requests of the Privacy Guarantor, the Certification will be available and downloadable from the app.

In fact, prior to this update, the Guarantor had challenged the app the transfer of sensitive data to foreign countries as there was insufficient information for users. the Guarantor intervened and improved various measures precisely for the protection of privacy.

The Green Pass on IO and Immuni

So, from now on you can have your own Green Certification, but remember that the decree has not yet been published with all the details, but it is assumed that it will be published in the next few days.

The possibility of downloading the certificate was notified on the two apps mentioned and a special menu where it is clear how to visualize it. There will be a QrCode of the Green Pass, but now you can recover with the NFRE, CUN or NUCG codes, received after healing from Covid-19 or after a while, but also with AUTHCODE that you receive via SMS or email.

The digital Green Pass: how long it lasts

Through the IO app you can show your Green Certification, a document issued to who has received two doses of the vaccine with second dose confirmed and in this case the duration is 9 months; to those who received a single dose and the Green Pass will be valid from the fifteenth day following administration until the due date for the second dose; to those who have received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose and the duration of the certificate is always 9 months starting from the fifteenth day following administration.

Also, it is issued to anyone who has a certificate of cure from Covid 19 valid for 6 months and to those who have made a swab negative result having the possibility to move freely only for 48 hours.

What is the Green Pass for

In this way, as mentioned, it is possible travel peacefully in European countries, while with love. you can also move between orange and red regions, attend wedding receptions, great concerts and probably go in discotheque.

Also, it will be crucial to go to visit the elderly in retirement homes (Rsa).

The elaboration of health certificates

La Sogei, the Società Generale d'Informatica SpA is working on developing a platform for the distribution of Green Passes in Italy and will process vaccination certificates, diagnostic tests and healing certificates useful for the implementation of the Green Certification. The latter will be issued by health facilities, such as diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies, general practitioners, ASL and vaccination centers and can also be downloaded from your health file.

For all other details you can consult the website of the Ministry of Health.

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