Federica Benincà of Men and Women is a mother for the first time

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Pink bow for a former suitor of Men and Women, who with a post on social media announced that she had become a mother for the first time! That's who it is.

Few will remember Federica Benincà,former suitor of Men and Women, which during theedition in which Marco Cartasegna and Luca Onestini were on the throne, made them both dizzy.

The beautiful Turin, who was then twenty-two, at the end he chose to court only Marco Cartasegna, making you feel bad Luca Onestin and the model, at the end of her journey, repaid her, choosing to go out with her to try to live their story outside the Men studio and Women.

Unfortunately the two after just two months they broke up, both for the distance (Federica lived in Turin, while Marco in Milan), both for study (her) and work (him) commitments.

Now though Federica Benincà is happy, because yesterday Wednesday 19 October 2022 became mum for the first time of one beautiful little girl, Arianna, daughter of his and boyfriend Ettore Gliozzi.

Federica Benincà and Ettore Gliozzi: how they met

Federica Benincà, After the end of her love affair with Marco Cartasegna, continued with her university studies, even if it is not known whether she graduated or not.

Today is one testimonial of many brands of beauty products and clothing and, in 2018, after recovering from a severe illness that forced her to hospitalize, she revealed to Afternoon Five, the gossipparo program of Barbara D'Urso, to have a new love, Stefano Easter.

The two, however, remain engaged only for a few months and, shortly after, in 2019, Federica Benincà meets Ettore Gliozzi, soccer player his age and, shortly after, the two get engaged.

Now they are the happy parents of little Arianna, even if, in the meantime, orange blossoms are not in the air.

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Written by Frances Orelli
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