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After the Easter break, Men and women will be back on air, from 2 to 5 April 2024, with a week full of twists and turns. What will certainly characterize it will be the discussions since Ida will discuss with Mario, Gaia with Daniele and that several acquaintances will come to an end. Ready to find out, in detail, what will happen? Follow us!

Yet another strong argument between Ida and Mario

Not a simple situation yet, though Ida Platano. His throne will still be on the rise and it will be because of yet another discussion he will have with Mario Cusitore. After a positive exterior spent with PierPaolo and of which we will see the video, for the girl from Brescia it will be time for a tough confrontation with the Neapolitan suitor. Ida will accuse her of not having been in touch for an entire week and she will tell herself disappointed by his behavior which he judges to be completely disinterested.

Maria defends Ida at Men and Women

How many times have we seen Maria DeFilippi intervene in someone's defense? More than one but, this time, we will witness a very special speech of the landlady. THE recipients will be Mario and PierPaolo, as Ida's suitors. De Filippi to them he will remember how troubled Ida's past was, also characterized by much suffering, and she will reiterate how she is now looking for a serious relationship and based on an essential element, trust. How will Mario and PierPaolo take it?

Tina attacks Mario Cusitore

La Mario's fame within Men and women, it is now clear, is not the best. His many reports and behavior have attracted several criticisms. During this week, the position of will be particularly heavy Tina Cipollati in his regards. The commentator will not mince words and he will accuse the man of being not at all interested in Ida and to be on broadcast exclusively for visibility.

Many relationships end in the throne over

Throne over at the center of several moments due to some acquaintances who, this week, will suffer a decisive stop. We are talking, first of all, about Gemma Galgani who, after having had an outing with her latest suitor, will decide to send him home. This is an opportunity for Cipollari to reiterate her idea: Gemma deceived the man right from the start!

Stop also for the knowledge of other participants of the throne over that is Cristiano and Jasna, Ida and Angelo. Both couples will understand of not having the conditions to move forward.

Jealousies a Men and women, Gaia furious with Daniele

How many of us were amazed when, during the last episode, we saw him go down to the studio Beatriz? It was Daniele who called her, in an attempt to ask her to remain among his suitors. An invitation which, however, was rejected by the young woman. The story, however, will make it go Gaia was furious which he will take as one strong lack of respect the tronista's behavior towards him. First jealousies in sight! How will it end?

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