Gemma Galgani of Men and Women, who she is and curiosities about the lady

Who is Gemma Galgani

Gemma Galgani is one of the most historic faces of the dating show of Maria DeFilippi, Men and women. Entering the female parterre since the beginning of the Over throne, she is a much talked about character and her spats with the commentator Tina Cipollari are famous.

But what do we know about the Turin lady?  

  • Name: Gemma Galgani
  • Date of birth: January 19 1950
  • Birth place: Torino
  • Genitori: he from Arezzo, she from Siena
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Height: 1.68m
  • Profession: participant in various reality shows
  • First appearance on TV: 2010 to Men and Women
  • Conflicting relationships: Tina Cipollari
  • Social networks: FacebookInstagram

The origins of Gemma Galgani

Her name is Gemma Galgani one of Checkers of the Throne Over of Men and Women. Born on January 19, 1950 in Turin, she grew up in this wonderful city. Hers His origins however they are Tuscan since the father was a native of Arezzo, while the mother was from Siena.  

His childhood and adolescence are characterized by the rigid education parents and Gemma creates a very solid relationship with her two sisters, the elder Anna and the younger Silvana. Between the three sisters there are seven years of difference from each other.  

Galgani, since she was a child, has had a big dream in her drawer, namely to become one ballerina of classical dance. Unfortunately, her parents did not allow her to study, but her determination led her to reach the world of entertainment anyway.  

Studies and career of Gemma Galgani  

Gemma yes enrolls at the Art Institute of the city of Turin obtaining the diploma with good grades. Immediately after finishing school, Gemma finds work with some theaters of her city and for 12 years, from 1969 to 1981, she was the director of the Teatro Alfieri. Subsequently, she will work for many other theaters such as the Teatro Colosseo.  

Thanks to this use it will become a point of reference in this sector also because the hosted shows will be very successful and the artists will attract a large number of people. However, for Gemma, the stroke of luck comes with the auditions of Men and women thanks to which she manages to become one of the protagonists of the program.  

Gemma Galgani's private life  

Everything we know about Gemma is thanks to her stories within the dating show. As for his private life, we have some information. Let's see them below. 

The wrecked marriage  

Gemma when she was only 23 joined in wedding with a 19-year-old boy with whom she fell in love with her. If at first it seemed like a fairytale wedding, after only six months of living together the two divorced and because of too much jealousy of him. In fact, it seems that life in the home had become unlivable. After separating, Galgani never remarried.  

The alleged relationship with Walter Chiari  

When he worked at the Teatro Alfieri in Turin, Gemma knows Walter chiari and it seems that between the two there was a relationship. However, this news has never been confirmed, nor denied. The two meet for work and Chiari himself had declared that Gemma was the only one able to get him to work on time. From what we know there is a splendid friendship between them, but the rumors of a possible flirtation continue to be impressive.  

Gemma's last big story  

Gemma Galgani then meets an important architect originally from Fiuggi with whom he falls madly in love so much that he leaves his beloved Turin to go and live with him. Together, they live an important and long love story and the lady was even ready to remarry.  

He had also opened his own in the new city wine shop, but after some time the man leaves her to get engaged to a local teacher. Thus Gemma returns to Turin.  

Gemma Galgani to Men and Women  

After a series of disappointments amorous, Gemma Galgani wants to get involved in a television program because, despite everything, she still believes in true love. Thus she enrolled in the men's and women's auditions and managed to obtain a chair in the women's parterre Throne Over. Since her introduction, the Turin lady appears as a very sensitive woman, with easy tears, but also very determined and strong.  

Her hunger for love has often led her to fulfill choices wrong and to be disappointed, but she decided to give herself another opportunity with the hope of meeting the prince charming with whom to spend the rest of her life.  

His first story in Men and Women  

The first cavaliere who introduces himself for her and with whom she begins dating is called Ennio, a man of her age with whom she had fallen in love. There were rumors that they were even getting married, but the relationship is finished just before choosing the details.  

Gemma and Giorgio Manetti, an important story 

After the umpteenth disappointment with Ennio, Gemma gets to know George Manetti, a distinguished Florentine knight who immediately hits her straight in the heart. For the lady it was the most important story. Their first meeting dates back to 2015 and after they met, there was a good harmony between them and if there were also feelings for her, the same could not be said of him.  

In fact, the couple will never exit the program together. However, their relationship was very long and troubled and whenever they seemed to find a common ground, they drifted apart. Finally, after a series of back and forth, Giorgio leaves the program, while Gemma does not give up.  

Gemma to Men and Women today  

It's been years since Gemma appears for the first time in Men and Women. Although she has met several knights, she has not yet found thetwin soul. In the 2022/2023 edition of the dating show, Gemma returns and looks rejuvenated.  

From the first episode he met several knights, including Didier, Roberto, Alessandro and Claudio, but the spark was ignited with none. Then comes Silvio, a seventy-one year old with whom he decides to start dating. The couple esce a couple of times at dinner and between kisses and caresses, they seem to have a good harmony.  

Gemma is attracted to Silvio, but she thinks he's not the right man for her and so they decide to to interrupt their relationship. However, they remain on good terms.  

Curiosity about Gemma Galgani

Gemma Galgani is certainly a very influential character in the program Maria DeFilippi, Men and women. Below we present a few curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows.

  • Gemma was born under the astrological sign of Capricorn;
  • After 11 seasons on the show, she still hasn't found her prince charming;
  • She is very popular on social networks, especially on Instagram;
  • He has a conflicting relationship with the columnist Tina Cipollari.

Has Gemma Galgani undergone any aesthetic touch-ups?

Gemma Galgani opted for numerous cosmetic surgeries, Including:

  • lip enlargement with fillers,
  • the application of dental veneers,
  • a face lift,
  • breast augmentation surgery

Furthermore, there are rumors about a potential rhinoplasty but there is no official confirmation from any source.

Social profiles Gemma Galgani

Below are the direct links to Gemma Galgani's social networks.

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