Men and Women, previews and spoilers from April 15th to 19th

Mario on the over throne of Men and Women
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Men and women will be back on air, from 15 to 19 April 2024, with a new week full of twists and emotions. Oversized and classic throne will liven up our afternoons, making them dedicated to the search for true love. But will it really be like this for everyone? We announce that the week in question it will focus a lot on the throne of Ida Platano, including surprises, clarifications and more. Curious to find out what will happen? Then follow us because we are about to reveal all the details.

Men and Women classic throne, Pierpaolo amazes Ida

After having threatened to leave the throne due to the disappointment linked to the acquaintance of Mario and Pierpaolo, Ida Platano will prepare for a perhaps crucial week for his journey. The woman, in fact, will make peace with both suitors and, indeed, will also receive a surprise from her that will leave her stunned.

First of all, Ida will clarify with Mario with which, finally, and after a long time, the sun will seem to shine again. But Pierpaolo will be the one to surprise everyone when he decides to go to Brescia, to Ida's shop, bringing her a box of sweets to have breakfast together. An unexpected gesture that will leave Platano petrified and she will not hesitate to embrace him emphatically.

On the occasion of the woman's birthday, then, both will bring her a cake in the studio and both will give her a gift. A coincidence, in this regard, will surprise everyone: the gifts were purchased in the same store albeit with different timing.

Trono Over, Barbara and Cristina argue at Men and Women

As regards the throne over, space for the relationship, anything but peaceful, between Barbara and Cristina. For the two women it will be time for a yet another clash. Object of the dispute: the aesthetic adjustments of which both will accuse each other.

A new couple leaves the studio

After several couples have already formed this year, in this week of Men and Women by Maria De Filippi we will see the couple formed by Gianluca and Maura will leave their studies, hopefully permanently. The two, taken by each other, will decide to live together outside of their studies and, naturally, we wish them the best.

Salvatore disputed by three ladies?

Large space, as a study center, for Savior. The film producer, after a failed acquaintance with Barbara (with whom he will not stop arguing) will be the center of attention of three ladies. We are talking about Tiziana, Ida and Alessia, with whom he will go out. Tina Cipollari will not miss the opportunity to attack Tiziana once again, guilty, in two words, of dating the man only out of interest given the work he does.

Aurora and Federico, stop getting to know each other

For a couple that is officially forming and for others trying to reach the finish line, there will be one whose journey will be interrupted this week. It's about Federico and Aurora who, after yet another discussion, will make the final decision: they will stop knowledge because they are completely incompatible! What will Gianni Sperti think?

Mario kisses Ilenia at Men and Women

In a path that has few precedents, given the high number of suitors who call for him, Mario will still dedicate himself to getting to know Milena but, above all, of new arrival Ilenia. Precisely with this he will declare that he has had a strong rapprochement between them brought to the kiss. How will the lady from Catania react?

A week, that of Men and Women, which promises to be heart-pounding. The appointment, as usual, is for every day, from Monday to Friday, around 14 pm on Canale 45.

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