A mural dedicated to Maradona in Gragnano: the beautiful work of Leticia Mandragora

Mural of Maradona by Leticia Mandragora
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A smiling Maradona sitting in a wheat field: the beautiful mural by Leticia Mandragora in Gragnano!

A new large and beautiful mural appeared on the facade of a palace of Gragnano, in the province of Naples, thanks to the artist Leticia Mandragora who has decided to dedicate his work to Diego Armando Maradona.

The work was supported by the boys of Gragnano Hub and the proceeds were obtained thanks to a solidarity dinner.

Our Pibe de Oro was represented smiling and joyful as he sits on a balloon in a wheat field. The obvious reference is to pasta, the symbol of the town of Gragnano. Leticia Mandragora, with this beautiful mural, also wanted to underline the importance of remembrance that ensures that no one, even those who are no longer among us, can be forgotten.

The area where the mural is located is surrounded by school buildings, therefore normally a meeting place for many children and adolescents.

This work joins another, made by the same artist, dedicated to Sofia Loren, on the facade of a building in via Quarantola.

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