Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 25 to 29 March

Manuel and Bianca meet in Un Posto al Sole

After Rossella's failed wedding, Clara's drama and her pregnancy and Irene's strange attitudes, how could it, the new week of A Place in the Sun, not be exciting and full of twists and turns? Hold on tight because the previews tell us how aim for heart-pounding the ones who will keep us company between 25 and 29 March 2024. Curious to know more? Follow us, we are about to reveal everything you need to know!

Antonio and Manuel get closer again in Un Posto al Sole

After the separation between Manuel and Antonio which we witnessed a few weeks ago, when little Antonio realized that his mother was actually with Manuel's father, now it seems that we will witness a turning point. Will be thanks to Damiano that Viola will be able to bring the two children together again. Antonio will also get closer to Damiano and this it will make Eugenio suffer, to the point that Viola won't be able to help but feel guilty.

Damiano goes to live with Rosa and Manuel

Rosa will decide, despite the risks this entails, of return to your home. He will therefore not accept Giulia's invitation that she would have wanted her to stay at the Terrace. Knowing the dangers that all this entails, Damiano he will not object as long as he can too go and live with his son and ex-partner to protect their safety in case of problems! A choice that is not simple and, in any case, unexpected and which will cause many problems in the already fragile relationship with Viola!

Drama in A Place in the Sun, will Clara have an abortion?

Having known that Clara is pregnant with Eduardo has created a very strong bad mood in Alberto who just won't be able to accept this new condition. For this reason he will put a lot of pressure on Curcio, calming down only when the girl will tell him that she is not sure whether she wants to carry on with the pregnancy. Someone, however, will talk to her trying to convince her to reconsider! But what will Clara do?

Ida's father dies, she is desperate

Una very bad news will reach Ida. The father who she loves so much and for whom she has made so many sacrifices until now, unfortunately, he won't be able to make it and will die. A real drama for the girl, already tested by life in general, which came, among other things, at a moment in which she seemed really inclined to let herself go with Diego. Speaking of the Jordan, he himself, having noted the condition of his beloved, will decide to take the reins of the situation into his own hands and finally free Ida from the influence of Marina and Roberto.

Rossella tries to put her life in order

What a disaster the young woman's life is Scarlett! After the annulment of the marriage and after leaving Riccardo practically in front of the altar, his life will have to be rebuilt. It will be in this that the young daughter of Michele and Silvia will be engaged. Suddenly, a completely unexpected invitation could help her to do it! Who will it come from?

Guido and Mariella in crisis

The things things don't go well between Mariella and Guido for a while and the trend for next week seems to be the same. The marital crisis will continue, with Guido continuing to prove hostile towards his wife, determined more than ever to do not forgive her for the attitudes she had immediately before her illness. However, the acquaintance between Luciano and Sasà will continue, especially when he confesses that the relationship with Castrese, unfortunately, is anything but good.

What a relief in Un Posto al Sole, Irene smiles again

After many weeks of anguish, fear and fear, lately, for the behavior of little Irene, however Serena and Filippothey will finally arrive Good news. The little girl, in fact, it will seem to have positively overcome what happened. With great joy the Sartori spouses they will see their little girl smile again and they couldn't be happier about it.

Bianca returns to Palazzo Palladini

Great return to Palazzo Palladini: Bianca Boschi, Angela and Franco's daughter, will return, bringing a breath of joy in a moment that, for many, was not particularly happy. We don't know exactly what events she will be involved in but we assume that she will return linked, for the moment, to the Easter holidays which he will decide to spend in Posillipo together with his grandparents Giulia and Renato.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Upaspoiler: A Place in the Sun spoilers and previews
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