Un Posto al Sole, previews and spoilers from 1 to 5 April 2024

Othello in A Place in the Sun

Easter has also arrived A Place in the Sun and, as usual, this year too the soap has decided to air, as always, on Easter Monday (1 April 2024). To hold court in the week from 1 to 5 April 2024 will be a incredible event that will happen between Michele and Silvia as well as one Marina's all-new strategy towards Diego. Attention, then: Clara will make her decision: Will she keep Eduardo's baby or not? Let's find out with the juiciest previews available!

Silvia and Michele anxious about Otello

After the disappointment linked to the cancellation of Rossella's wedding, other problems await Michael and Sylvia. A huge worry will come for the two exes: Othello, in fact, will not answer the phone generating incredible anxiety in them that will lead them to leave for Indica. What awaits them once they arrive? What happened to the cute Testa?

An Easter Monday to forget in Un Posto al Sole, Viola disappointed by Damiano

After having to accept that Damiano moved in with Rosa to protect both her and Manuel from any threats related to the house, however Viola will arrive on a not exactly happy Easter Monday. Although it is the first time for her and Damiano to spend together, Bruni will learn that she, however, will not be able to spend it with him. The policeman, in fact, will prefer to live this day together with Rosa and Manuel. Is his relationship with Viola now at an end?

An April Fool's joke for Renato

April 1st will not only be Easter Monday but also the day dedicated to the classic April Fool. And how could we miss an ad hoc joke even at Palazzo Palladini. Raffaele will organize it, together with Bianca and Jimmy... Something, however, or rather someone, could put a spoke in his wheels! Laughter guaranteed!

A love reunion in Un Posto al Sole

Between Sylvia and Michael, as expected, will trigger a moment of great closeness. An event that will lead them to discuss very seriously what their future will be and what, in reality, their mutual feelings are. We will see, however, the two react in completely opposite ways. If, in fact, Michele will be inclined to shed light on the situation, Silvia won't even want to talk about it. He will want to suffocate what he feels and dedicate himself to Gianfranco, but will he really succeed?

Clara has decided, she will have an abortion!

Alberto's constant pressure on him will cause a Clara the decision which, perhaps, no one would have ever expected. Curcio, in fact, will choose to have an abortion: she will not carry on with the pregnancy, for the sake of lawyer Palladini. Giulia will be close to her and will prove to be like a mother to her.

Does Eduardo really change his life?

Eduardo, in prison, will have a chat with Damiano and will try to explain to him the reasons that led him, seriously, to collaborate with justice, thus trying to repair his mistakes and start over with a new life. At this point, it will be impossible for all of us not to ask ourselves whether it will be a real repentance or whether there is something else behind it. What do you think?

Guido and Mariella, it's getting worse and worse!

Between Mariella and Guido Unfortunately, things will continue to go wrong. Among other things, there will be a constant presence between the two which will make the situation even worse. It will be Bice, whose intrusiveness we already know very well. But what will he do this time? It is possible that the Del Bue's marriage really failed?

Rossella returns to work in the hospital in Un Posto al Sole

After leaving Riccardo at the altar, however Rossella will be time to go back to work. Having returned from Barcelona, ​​where she spent a few days, the young woman will be ready for this delicate phase of her life. But How will the confrontation with Riccardo go? Nunzio, in the meantime, will have the opportunity, despite himself, to think back to something extremely negative in his life!

Marina wants to make peace with Diego

Taking advantage of Ida's temporary distance from Naples, linked to the passing of her beloved father, however Marina the time has come to start what will in all respects seem like a new stratagem. In fact, he will try to get closer to Diego, making peace with him. Regardless of how Diego reacts (we will find out very soon!), Roberto will not agree with this new move from his wife. What does he have in mind?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Upaspoiler: A Place in the Sun spoilers and previews
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