Un Posto al Sole, plots of the week from 18 to 22 March

Rossella gets married in Un Posto al Sole
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What will open on Monday 18 March 2024 will be a turning point for all fans of A Place in the Sun. The previews of the five episodes that await us, in fact, speak of events destined to leave us in suspense: each one will leave an indelible mark in our hearts as fans of the Neapolitan soap. Great protagonist, needless to say, Rossella, guilty of having left Riccardo at the altar. What will happen now? Let's find out with the weekly plots from 18 to 22 March, we'll see some beautiful ones!

UPAS, plot of the episode of Monday 18 March 2024

Special moments difficulties at the Del Bue house. Mariella's attitudes prior to Guido's illness, right now, seem to turn against her. It's impossible to find the harmony they had at the beginning: it will be time to work on it, but will they really succeed? Manuela, in the meantime, will have a big problem to solve: the fact that she was the one who configured the smartphone that Irene used secretly from her parents will be a weight too great to bear...

Un Posto al Sole, plot of the episode of Tuesday 19 March 2024

The sudden cancellation of Rossella's wedding will leave her Silvia and Michele in a difficult situation to manage. For Saviani it will be time to reflect on his role as a father while Silvia will find an unexpected alliance. Rossella, then, will have clearer ideas: at this point a comparison postponed a little too long will be a must. But with whom? Nunzio or Riccardo?

Manuela will feel more and more guilty while at the Sartori house things will go anything but well Irene further and further away. Guido he'll start to behave rather strangely, almost annoyed by Mariella's attentions. Marriage has come to an end?

UPAS, plot of the episode of Wednesday 20 March 2024

Nunzio will run, fast as a splinter from Rossella. He too, after being tormented by her thoughts, will absolutely need a confrontation with the girl. The increasingly strange attitudes of Manuela will begin to make Serena suspicious who will see his sister as the possible cause of the problems with Irene. Marina and Robertofinally they will allow Ida to see her father: they will hope, in this way, to keep her calm.

A Place in the Sun, plot of Thursday 21 March 2024

Alberto will be looking for a new home: at the time he promised Clara that he would do it and he seems intent on keeping what he said. Special meeting, at Caffè Vulcano, for He knows he will run into Luciano while Guido will always be glacial with Mariella. Diego will be ready, with a plan that will seem successful in every way, a break the eggs in the baskets at the Irons. Will the concession that the two made to the girl be enough to avoid the worst?

UPAS, plot of Friday 22 March 2024

Now that Raffaele is back, however Rosa and Manuel will be leaving La Terrazza and go home. The little one, however, won't be too happy about it: he has become too fond of Luca in the last few days! For Albertoinstead, it will be time to discover that Clara is expecting a child from Eduardo. The lawyer Palladini he will literally go on a rampage although the girl will confess to him that she is not sure if she wants to carry on with the pregnancy! At this point we leave you with a question: will sparks fly between Sasà and Luciano, who met by chance at the bar?

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