COVID vaccines: do they work on the Delta variant? Let's take stock

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A series of international studies confirm the effectiveness of anti-Covid vaccines which we currently also have available against the dreaded Delta variant, both as regards the transmittability both in relation to the prevention of hospitalizations and hospitalizations.

Several countries including England, Canada e Israel they are increasingly studying the functioning of vaccines made to fight the Coronavirus, especially against the new variant that is becoming predominant, and the results are encouraging.

Pfizer vaccine: efficacy against the Delta variant

The study of public health in England

The Phe, the English public health service has published a study done on a sample of 14019 infected with Delta variant revealing that those who have completed the vaccination course occurs 80% fewer infections, 88% fewer symptomatic diseases ed 96% fewer hospital admissions.

The French study

The prestigious journal Nature, in a study developed by French scientists, has published data that reveal that in subjects with a complete vaccination course there was a decrease in neutralizing antibodies, but the 95% of the subjects were able to neutralize the virus.

The Canadian study

In Canada, a study was published on 421073 people infected which confirms the results we talked about earlier. With two doses of Pfizer vaccine you can protects against symptomatic infection to 87%, showing that the immunity developed with the vaccine is higher than the natural one.

The Scottish study

The Lancet, another prestigious scientific journal, did a study on 19543 infected people and it is a further confirmation of the English study and of the one in collaboration with the French. In this case, there was 79% fewer cases of infection.

The Israeli study

Only the Israeli study got it different data as a reduced ability to protect against symptomatic infection against the Delta variant was found in subjects who received two Pfizer doses. Values ​​stand at 64% and the same percentage was found in preventing infection. The scientists themselves, however, have communicated that for this study there are no accessible data and the Government may have also used asymptomatic cases among the symptomatic ones. Although this study differs from the previous ones, in any case confirms the efficacy of the vaccine which gives a high protection against hospitalization, efficacy which stands at 93%.

In any case, we must remember that in Israel many people who were not yet vaccinated may have been infected in previous waves which have been very strong, so even many unvaccinated can be immune now and this consideration would decrease the difference in the occurrence of infections between vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

Modern vaccine: efficacy against the Delta variant

The Canadian study

Regarding the Moderna vaccine, in the aforementioned Canadian study we read that a single dose gives 72% protection efficacy against symptomatic infections and there are not yet sufficient data to give a result about the second doses. The results, however, may be similar to those on the Pfizer study.

AstraZeneca vaccine: effectiveness against the Delta variant

The English study

The aforementioned study carried out by Phe, the British public health service, showed that after two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine there is 92% protection against hospitalizations.

The Scottish study

In the study published in the Lancet we read that with the AstraZeneca vaccine there were 60% fewer infections after two doses.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine: efficacy against the Delta variant

The English study

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine relating to the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine, made on a small sample of 20 people, shows that there was a good level of neutralizing antibodies either 29 days after administration or 8 months after.

The conclusions: the importance of getting vaccinated

We can say that with the vaccines currently available the protection against the Delta variant appears to be high, at least as far as efficacy against hospitalization and infection is concerned. Of course, they do not cancel the transmittability of the virus, but the results encourage us because having a good chance of not being hospitalized and hospitalized helps us to be able to live differently.

Without vaccines, the increase in infections and hospitalizations could be much higher and this confirms once again the importance of protecting oneself from this dangerous and treacherous virus.


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