Verissimo, guests and interviews on Saturday 23nd and Sunday 24rd March

Silvia Toffanin Very true

Like every weekend, too today Saturday 23 March and tomorrow, Sunday 24 March 2024, Very true awaits us with many guests and interviews destined to excite us. Are you curious to know who will be the protagonist? We anticipate that the highly anticipated Shakira will arrive and who, for the first time in Italy, Toffanin will interview Nihan from Endless Love. Ready to go? Follow us!

Very true, the guests of Saturday 23 March 2024

We'll be off to a great start Verissimo with the episode scheduled for Saturday 23 March 2024. Here are the guests for this afternoon which already promises to be full of surprises.

  • Neslihan Atagul, directly from Endless Love, and for the first time in Italy, the young woman she plays Nihan Sezil. Silvia Toffanin will interview her in a mix of private life and work during which the sweet Nihan will reveal some details of her life and, why not, some behind the scenes of the new Turkish soap that is enthralling us day by day.
  • Alfa, directly from the last experience at Festival of Sanremo with the song "Go", will talk about the sensations felt on the Ariston stage but not only. The protagonists will be the collaboration with Roberto Vecchioni and the live shows planned for the imminent future.
  • As a writer, Francis Ark will present to the public his first book, entitled “Just come back.” Space, of course, also for a private individual and an acting career, which is anything but set aside.
  • Anna Safroncik and Gabriel Garko they will be guests of Verissimo to talk about the new series that will see them as protagonists, starting from the first evening of Friday 29 March 2024, on Canale 5, entitled “If I could say goodbye to you”. A return to acting, that of Garko, more than 6 years after retiring from the stage. In this series Garko will play the role of Marcello, a man who has lost his memory and who will be helped in his journey by Elena, the neuropsychiatrist played by Safroncik.
  • Giusy Buscemi and Giorgio Marchesi will arrive at the studio to present, in turn, the series set in Catania of which they will be protagonists on Canale 5 starting next Wednesday, i.e. “Vanina Guarrasi”.

Silvia Toffanin's guests on Sunday 24 March 2024

Great anticipation for the guests and the related interviews that will characterize the episode Verissimo di Sunday 24 March. Here are all the details.

  • Shakira, a great icon of international music, in the studio by Silvia Toffanin on the occasion of the launch of her new album, entitled “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran” released just yesterday, March 22, 2024. The singer will talk about the separation from the footballer Piquè which took place in 2022. Shakira had published the song against him and his new partner “Bzrp Music Session vol.53”, released in January 2023 and containing the phrase that made history “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo and a Rolex for a Casio.”
  • Directly from Big Brother they will arrive at the studio Paolo Masella, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Anita Oliveri and Alessio Falsone. Apparently, the attention to Garibaldi is inevitable, after his very recent exit and the tears on the red door. What will he tell about his troubled history with Beatrice Luzzi?
  • For fans of Bitter land, Silvia Toffanin will welcome the dark man into the studio Celikkol Ibrahim who takes on the role of Hakan Gumusoglu.
  • Melissa Satta will talk about her life as a strong woman and all her experience both in private and in a career that began, several years ago, as a showgirl Strip the News.
  • Da Men and Women by Maria De Filippi, will arrive in the studio at Verissimo Brando and Raffaella, a few days after a choice that really caused a lot of discussion. What will they tell us?

We'll find out very soon! In the meantime, we remind you that the appointment with the new episodes of Verissimo is for today and tomorrow, on Canale 5, starting at around 16pm. Episodes, as we have seen, in which there is no shortage of ingredients to keep us glued to the TV!

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