Vomero, the Ex Gasometro park reopens with vegetable gardens and orchards

Minopoli Park former Gasometer Poster

A breath of fresh air pervades Vomero. Yes, because the Minopoli Park, once known as Gasometro, is no longer a forgotten area but a green oasis in full rebirth. The inauguration of the park marks a new chapter for the neighborhood and a conquest for the citizens who did not give up in the face of bureaucratic challenges.

When will Minopoli Park be inaugurated?

Calendar the date, put a reminder on your phone or mark it on your kitchen calendar: the September 15th at 10pm in the morning it will be time to cut the ribbon.

And there will be no shortage of familiar faces:

  • Mayor Gaetano Manfredi
  • Councilors Vincenzo Santagada and Maura Striano
  • President of the V Municipality Clementina Cozzolino

Where is the area of ​​the former Gasometer located

But where to rediscover this green treasure? Between Viale Raffaello and Salita Cacciottoli, an address that was once associated with abandonment and which now becomes a symbol of urban regeneration.

The redevelopment has been awaited for over twenty years

Let's talk about a piece of the city which has been put in the attic for over two decades.
Finally, after long waits and bureaucratic tangles, the abandoned land comes back to life, metamorphosing into an agricultural-educational park with a community flavor.

Photo by bonificogroup.it

What is the park like?

Don't expect a simple lawn with a few benches. THE fifteen hectares they will be an authentic green laboratory, with thirty concentric vegetable gardens, a Phlegraean vegetable garden-arboretum, paths for walking and an auditorium for one hundred people.

And for children? Game areas which will make the eyes of the little ones shine.

Here is a list:

  • play areas for children
  • bleachers with 100 seats
  • pedestrian routes
  • 30 concentric gardens
  • a Phlegraean vegetable garden-arboretum with over 1000 native plants
Photo by bonificogroup.it

A victory for the community

Finally, an applause goes to the citizens and associations who fought to prevent the area from becoming yet another car park. It is the celebration of community resilience and as councilor Vincenzo Santagada said, it is "the end of a bureaucratic odyssey" and the beginning of a regenerating chapter for the entire community.

the area (of the Ex Gasometro park) was returned and at the same time the company guaranteed us the immediate start of the works with the commitment to complete them by October 31st. This is a very interesting agricultural reserve within Vomero. There are many tree species of great naturalistic value. At the center of our project is the care and improvement of all the existing arboreal heritage

Green Councilor of the Municipality of Naples, Vincenzo Santagada

The doubts of the population and civic committees

However, there is fear that this is exclusively a move aimed at seeking consensus, given that it moves in a completely opposite position compared to the indefinite closure of the Mascagna Park, also from Vomero.

A park closed basically due to abandonment and neglect, given that the reasons for this closure were related to public safety given but lack of maintenance of the area.

What will become of the future of Minopoli Park, only time will tell us.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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