Books and readers in the streets of Vomero with original cultural tables and excellent writers

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Thursday May 19 2022 at 16:00, in Via Scarlatti al Vomero, the appointment with SPACES LIB (e) RI, the cultural event that is part of A legendary day… air. Books and readers on the streets of Naples.

It is an event organized by a collaboration between theAlberto Mario Moriconi Association, NapoliCittàLibro, Giffoni, the Municipality of Naples and the V Municipality. The main objective of this event is to bring the books and readers to the streets to create moments of performative and playful readings.

The reading tables and the jury

And so in one of the best known streets of Naples some will be installed reading stations on a free topic that anyone can approach and start reading. The workstations are organized by first and second grade secondary school students.

The most beautiful table will then be awarded by a jury composed of:

  • Luciano Colella
  • Stephen DeStefano
  • Arthur DeVivo
  • Adriano Falivene
  • Gino Giaculli
  • Antonia Grimaldi
  • Armida Parisi
  • Pino Perna
  • Mario Punzo
  • Pier Luigi Razzano
  • Gennaro Rispoli
  • Gennaro Sylvester

There will also be i Excellent coffee tables which will host several illustrious friends, such as:

  • Italian School of Comix
  • Annalisa Durante Library of the Museum of Health Arts and Pharmacy of the Incurables
  • Iocisto library
  • Raffaello bookshop
  • Naples City Book

Books and Readers guests on the streets of Vomero

Among the guests of Libri e Lettere per le Strade al Vomero there will be:

  • Maurizio De Giovanni, which will inaugurate the event
  • Massimo Andrei
  • Amedeo Colella
  • Michele Assante from Lecce
  • Roberto Bratti
  • Anne Cupertino
  • Paquito Catanzaro
  • David Cerullo
  • Anthony DiCostanzo
  • Claudio Falco
  • Fiorella Franchini
  • Armando Guarino
  • Martin Rua
  • Clare Macor
  • Antonio Menna
  • Matteo Mauriello
  • Antonella Orefice
  • Joseph Petrarch
  • Rosalia Porcaro
  • Mattia Raimo
  • Patrizia Rinaldi
  • Francesca Rondinella
  • Giovanna Sannino
  • Maria Rosaria Selo
  • Annavera Viva
  • Letizia Vicidomini

And many others.

Information on Books and Readers on the streets


May 19, 2022


Via Scarlatti, pedestrian area, Vomero

Working hours:

by 16: 00


Free event


Official website | Facebook page Naples City Book | Facebook page Books and readers on the streets of Vomero

  • Where: Via Scarlatti
  • When: Thursday 19 May 2022, from 16 pm
  • Price: the event is free
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