99 Posse in free concert at the Mostra D'Oltremare in Naples in September 2014

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The 99 Posse will be in free concert in Naples with the guests of their latest album, including Caparezza, Clementino and J-Ax

Excellent news for fans of the 99 Posse: the Neapolitan band has started a new tour and the flagship date will certainly be that of Naples.

Il 18 September 2014in fact, the group will perform in one free concert at the Mostra D'Oltremare in Fuorigrotta to celebrate 20 years of Curre Curre Guaglio '. The tour, in fact Curre Curre Guaglio '2.0, already anticipated a few months from the record Curre Curre Guagliò 2.0 - Not a step back and started by 6 months, it will end in these days, but only temporarily. In fact, the tour will resume with a second part starting in November.

What makes the Naples date special, in addition to the free admission, will be the presence of guests really expected. The 18 September we can see everyone on the stage almost the artists who dueled with 99 Posse in the songs of their album. We can therefore attend the performances of Caparezza, J-Ax, Mama Marjas, Clementino, Bonnot, Mr K., Roy Paci, Banda Bassotti, Francesco Di Bella, Blood Monster, Ensi, Jovine, Ivan Dope, Geko, MC Mariotto, Marcello Giannini and Salvatore Rainone degli Slivovitz, Claudio Marino.

An evening full of emotions and good music awaits us, thanks to the initiative of Luca Persico (Zulù) and companions, who have decided to dedicate all of themselves and their art to their city and their audience!
The initiative is also part of the Universal Forum of Cultures.

Information on the 99 Posse concert in Naples

When: 18 September 2014
Where: Mostra D'Oltremare, Fuorigrotta
Price: free entrance to the concert (entrance to the Mostra d'Oltremare 1 €)
Schedule: 22.00

  • from 21 pm onwards, via Terracina will be open to traffic, in the stretch from Agnano to the parking lot of the Exhibition and will be the only parking inside the Exhibition available
  • pedestrian access will only be via Terracina and Viale Kennedy
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