The Wagon of Memory arrives in Bacoli in memory of the victims of the Shoah

Memory wagon
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In memory of the victims of the Shoah, the Wagon of Memory arrives in Bacoli, the mayor Josi Della Ragione announces it!

Josi Gerardo Della Ragione, the mayor of the city of bacoli, announces the arrival in the city of the Wagon of Memory in memory of all victims of the Shoah. 

The Wagon of Memory in Bacoli

It is one of the freight wagons which was used to transport millions of Jews towards i concentration camps and that it will be positioned in that place that will be called from today Park of memory, or in the Vanvitelliano Park of Fusaro, right near the Casina Vanvitelliana which today is used as a vaccination center for the Covid-19 emergency.

The wagon of memory it brings with it suffering, but also a great message and meaning to remember a truly terrible piece of history, with the hope that such atrocities will never again be committed.

The historical medium also symbolizes the brotherhood and solidarity, as the mayor writes, "who knew how to practice the Bacolese people", welcoming a Jewish community in 1946 while fleeing from the places of extermination, and as soon as possible guided tours will be organized to Wagon of Memory.

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