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It's really true, the progress never stops, and not even public transport in Campania is exempt. From the beginning of next year we will say goodbye to the old paper subscriptions to embrace a more future smart and digitalised. A change that represents a significant step forward, not only for ease of use but also for environmental impact.

The new methods: smart cards and apps

Forget about queue at the tobacconist to renew your monthly subscription. From now on, everything will unfold in one click or a tap on your smartphone. There Smart Card and the Unico Campania App they become the new tools for moving around the city. Simple, fast and everything at your fingertips.

Just as it has been done with annual subscriptions for some time now, the same methodology also applies for monthly subscriptions.

Why this change?

The reason for this change lies in the desire to make the transport system more efficient efficient and less impactful on the environment. Think about it: Every month, thousands of paper subscriptions come printed, used and then thrown away.

This digital transition means less waste and a small, but significant, step towards sustainability.

The benefits of digital subscription

Convenience is just the tip of the iceberg. With the digital subscription, you say goodbye at the risk of losing your subscription and having to request a new one. In case of loss? No problem, the duplicate is already in your smartphone or you can request it at the UnicoCampania offices.

And then, charging is child's play: it can be done at any time.

How to apply

To enter this digital world, the procedure is simple. Just connect to the Unico Campania portal or download the app from the various stores. Follow the instructions to request the Smart Card or to activate the app on your smartphone. Then, it's just a matter of topping up your pass and, voilà, you're ready to travel all over comfort and safety.

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