The strike of November 27th has been cancelled, postponed to December 15th

ANM bus to Naples

In the current panorama of public transport in Italy, a new development sparked the debate: the postponement of the national strike of local public transport, initially scheduled for November 27, has been postponed to December 15.

Strike postponed: here are the reasons

The scene of local public transport comes alive with new developments. L'Basic trade union union, together with collaborators such as ADL Cobas, COBAS Private Work, and others, moved the national strike of November 27 to December 15. This move is not random: it follows the precept of the Minister of Transport, Matteo Salvini, who cut the duration of the strike from 24 to 4 hours. The unions, however, are not silent: they see this action as an attack on workers rights, something more serious than a simple bureaucratic decision.

Salvini's precept: criticisms and consequences

Minister Salvini has given his version of events, but USB doesn't buy it. For them, precept it is a move that underestimates the weight of right to strike, a constitutional right that cannot be cast aside so easily.

Salvini defends himself by saying that wants to protect citizens and their daily movements. But for the unions, accepting this decision would be like saying that the right to strike is just a concession government, and not a fundamental right.

Strike in Naples, ANM moves everything to December 15th, EAV confirms 4 hours

In Naples, the situation reflects these national contrasts. L'ANM he decided to go with the flow and move the strike to December 15th.
EAV, on the other hand, confirms the strike but with injunction, i.e 4 hours stop from 9:00 to 13:00 for Circumvesuviana, Cumana, MetroCampania NordEst and all EAV transport.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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