Transport in Naples, opening hours extended for Christmas and New Year

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The city of Napoli prepares to celebrate the Christmas and New Year with an eye for the urban mobility. In a period in which the city comes alive with lights, events and traditions, guaranteeing an effective and punctual transport service becomes essential.

This year, thanks to an important agreement between public transport bodies, the Municipality of Naples and the unions, Neapolitans and visitors will have at their disposal an enhanced transport service and adapted to the needs of the holidays.

Agreement between public transport authorities and unions

A significant step has been taken to ensure an efficient urban transport service during the Christmas holidays. Anm ed Eav, in collaboration with trade unions, have achieved a strategic agreement for the extension of service hours.

Transport times for December 24th and 31st

For the evenings of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, urban transport services will undergo significant changes. On December 24th and 31st, services will be extended until 20pm, one hour more than the usual time 19:00. An hourly extension that will allow citizens and visitors to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere of the city, without worries about returning home.

Transport timetables and special services for December 25th and January 1st

Christmas Day and New Year's Day will see a particular organization of the transport service. Although the end of the races is normally set at 13pm in recent days, one has been expected resumption of service in the afternoon and evening. From 16pm 23:30, Neapolitans and tourists will therefore be able to count on an adequate public transport service to participate in the celebrations and special events organized in the city.

Summary table of transport times

DataStarting timeEnd time
24 DecemberRegular20:00
31 DecemberRegular20:00
25 DecemberRegularStop from 13pm
Resumed at 16pm23:30
January 1stRegularStop from 13pm
Resumed at 16pm23:30
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