Discovering the human body in Città della Scienza with superheroes and fairy tales

City of Science

City of Science in Naples is ready to welcome a special and really interesting appointment for Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February 2023, with the special participation of But Where do cartoons live?

In fact, through fairy tales and superheroes you will be able to learn about many curiosities, such as what they are the neurotransmitters of happiness, the processes that are triggered in the brain and in our body when a person gets excited, and then again why we have a racing heart when we live a fairy tale, and many other curiosities.

A journey to discover science

A real event will be organized for these two special days immersive path, which will lead guests on a real journey to discover science among multimedia experiences, laboratories, video games and three-dimensionality. In this way, the guests, with the most loved characters of fairy tales and superheroes will be able to cross the whole human machine, from the brain to the skin, from the heart to the muscles and bones.

And so, princes and princesses will discover where their feelings come from, while Spider Man and Batman will discover what lies behind their superpowers. There will be too crazy scientist and also the little chemist with its magic potions.

Contacts and information

Official City of Science website | But where do the cartoons live | 081/8678369 – WHATSAPP 327/2540679

  • Where: City of Science, Naples
  • When: from Friday 24 February 2023 to Saturday 25 February 2023, from 09 to 30
  • Prezzi:
    • Science center adults: €10
    • Science center reduced: €7
    • Live planetarium : 6€
    • Planetarium single ticket for children and adults: €5
    • Science center + planetarium for adults: €13
    • Science center + children's planetarium: €10
    • Adult open science center ticket: €11
    • Children's open science center ticket: €8
    • Family Card 4 people: €150
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Written by Serena De Luca
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