The Brilliant Friend 3: shooting begins in Piazza Dante in Naples

The Brilliant Friend in Naples

The filming of L'Amica Geniale moves to Piazza Dante in Naples!

After taking place already in Piazza del Gesù, filming of the third season of L'Amica Geniale continue and move in Piazza Dante. In fact, in these days of early January 2021, the new scenes of the series taken from the highly successful novels of Elena Ferrante are being shot, specifically relating to the book "History of those who flee and those who remain".

Previously, as regards the representation of the Rione Luzzatti, where the two protagonists live their childhood and adolescence, the former Saint-Gobain factory in Caserta was chosen as the set. Instead, for the third season the center of Naples will not be reproduced because the scenes will be shot right between Piazza Dante, Piazza del Gesù and neighboring places.

The set in the center of Naples

As mentioned, filming began in Piazza Dante, where the statue of the homonymous poet, in advance cleaned of graffiti and the setting is that of Years' 70. So, all the details will refer to those years. Also in Piazza del Gesù a lot of attention was given to the typical details of those years: for example, it was the 140 bus stop for Posillipo is reproduced.

The cast

Not much is known about the cast yet, but they will surely reappear actors who have already acted in previous seasons, while others characters will be replaced by more adult actors.

In any case, the shoot will last several months and the season should be released in second part of 2021.

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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