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The lying life of adults
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We had some already spoken in the past and finally the wait is over since the new series based on a novel by the Neapolitan writer Elena Ferrante will be broadcast on Netflix shortly: we are talking about the book "The lying life of adults".

After the great success of the Brilliant Friend, produced with the collaboration of Rai and HBO, The lying life of adults will send another difficult life story set in Naples to the small screen.

This television adaptation will follow the in the wake of the fame of Ferrante's other works, novels that have also been adapted for cinema, gaining the favor of audiences and critics.

When the series The lying life of adults will be released

The series will be released on Netflix on 4 January 2023 in all countries in which the streaming platform service is active, therefore next year. Not far away and in about two months we will be able to follow the vicissitudes of the adolescent Giovanna who lives in a conflictual way the relationship with her family and with herself.

The plot of the book

The story unfolds in early 90s around the waist of Giovanna that we encounter first in childhood and then gradually in its adolescent phase. The background city is Naples, divided between the "city ​​above"And the"town below“, A contrast between two different but closely linked aspects of our capital.

Giovanna he lives with his parents in one of the good neighborhoods of Naples, his academic performance is high and his life seems to proceed peacefully. Something changes at some point and Giovanna begins to get bad grades, starting a period of confusion that also undermines her family balance so much that her beloved father he begins to compare her to ugly Aunt Vittoria, the sister with whom he has not had relations for a long time and of whom he does not speak.

From that moment, this mysterious character leads Giovanna to be interested in him and to mana hand to establish a relationship with his aunt that is frowned upon by his parents. Giovanna's life is now divided between Naples above and Naples below, the happiness of childhood gives way to disillusionment and discovery of the lying life of adults.

The trailer for the new series

Finally, the trailer that allows us to le first images of the series with the faces of the protagonists also interpreted by well-known actors such as Valeria Golino. Obviously you can also see various areas of our Naples:

The cast of the series with Valeria Golino and Andrea Preziosi

The role of the protagonist is entrusted to the newcomer Giordana Marengo, but big names like Valeria Golino and Andrea Preziosi also appear in the cast. Let's see them: 

  • Giordana Marengo: Joanna;
  • Valeria Golino: aunt Vittoria;
  • Alessandro Preziosi: Andrea, Giovanna's father;
  • Pina Turco: Nella, Giovanna's mother;
  • Azzurra Mennella: Ida;
  •  Rossella GambaAngela;
  • Raffaella Rea: Constance;
  • Biagio Forestieri: Mariano;
  • Susy Del Giudice as Margherita;
  • Giuseppe Brunetti: Conrad;
  • Maria Vera Ratti: Giuliana;
  • Gianluca Spagnoli: Tonino;
  • Adriano Pantaleo: Rosary;
  • Giovanni Buselli (Robert).
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