Patrizio Rispo leaves Un Posto al Sole: this is who he will be replaced by

Raffaele Giordano
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A Place in the Sun is an Italian soap opera that airs every evening on Rai 3 from 21 October 1996. Loved by young and old, it is a fiction set in Naples, in particular in Posillipo, the longest ever produced in Italy.

Precisely because it has been on the air for a very long time, 25 years, the public has grown fond of the various characters and unfortunately some of these today could be replaced by new entries. In particular, Raffaele Giordano, the historian goalkeeper of Palazzo Palladini, one of the most talked about characters in fiction played by Patrizio Rispo, could give up his part in the TV series as early as the next edition.

In fact, the actor would like to devote himself completely to rest and his family, a decision that could sadden fans.

Who will replace Raffaele Giordano (Patrizio Rispo)

Probably the character of Raffaele Giordano will go away from fiction when his relationship with Ornella will have come to an end. Many times the two have quarreled without ever reaching a definite break, which is why this could be a narrative ploy for the actor's exit.

In his place, a new goalkeeper will certainly be hired, which it seems he could be Alex Belli. We just have to wait for news on this.

Image source: Amalfi News

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