Annie Mazzola, who is the new presenter of the GFparty, work and curiosity

Annie Mazzola

In the fervent Italian media landscape, some figures stand out who embody a new definition of talent and versatility. Annie Mazzola he is undoubtedly one of these emerging personalities.

Here's who the radio host is that is attracting everyone's attention.

Annie Mazzola biography and family

Born April 17, 1991 in the quiet city of Lodi, Annie Mazzola, or to use her real name, Annamaria Mazzola Tronconi, began her career as animator of tourist villages.
This path has prepared her to face an ever wider audience, also offering her the chance to manage careers in the fashion world such as model manager.

Annie Mazzola's career and work

Annie Mazzola it is a face and a voice that have crossed different fields of entertainment. Discovered by Stefano Gabbana, has quickly become a social media icon.
He then conquered the small screen with participations in various formats, including the Comedy Central Tour and MTV reality docu-series.

But it was his foray into the world of radio, and especially with radio 105, to consolidate his status as a media personality.

In 2023, she became the host of GFparty, adding another chapter to her already colorful career.

Relationships and love, who are you with?

Behind such a multifaceted woman, there is a man who supports her.
Marco Dona, former voice of Radio 105, is the partner with whom Annie chose to share her life, making the relationship official in 2021.

Curiosity about Annie Mazzola

Among the many facets of Annie, there are some that are particularly intriguing.
He paraded for Dolce and Gabbana in 2018, representing a further piece in his professional mosaic.

She was also godmother of the Milan Pride in the same year and boasts un Instagram profile highly followed, revealing a multiple personality who knows how to move easily between fashion, social commitment and digital popularity.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: Instagram @anniemazzola
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