Bus for the feast of the dead and All Saints in Naples. Timetables and routes

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On the occasion of Commemoration of the Dead, the institution ANM announced upgrades of the public transport services to facilitate access to the main cemetery areas of the city.

How to reach the cemeteries of S. Maria del Pianto

During the dates of October 28th and 29th, November 1st and 2nd, ANM has planned specific service enhancements to meet the growing demand towards cemetery areas via S. Maria del Pianto/via del Riposo (new cemetery) e Poggioreale Hemicycle (Monumental cemetery).

The service of line 584 has been intensified to connect key locations such as via Toledo, piazza Dante, il MANN Museum, piazza Cavour, via Foria and via Don Bosco with via S. Maria del Pianto. Despite the restrictions of via S. Maria del Pianto, the route of the line remains unchanged, passing through via del Riposo and ending at the triangular flowerbed.

Other operational lines include the line 180 (from Fuorigrotta and Scampia/Secondigliano towards Largo S. Maria del Pianto), la line 182 (from Paternum/Dante to via Don Bosco/Largo SM del Pianto) and the line 501 which facilitates movement within the Nuovissimo cemetery.

Access to the Monumental Cemetery of Poggioreale Emiciclo

Il Monumental Cemetery of Poggioreale Emiciclo will be served by tram 412 – 421. La line 169 colleague p. Garibaldi-Poggioreale Emiciclo- Stadera up to Casalnuovo, while the line 530 connects Vomero/Arenella to the Business Center and Poggioreale Emiciclo. Furthermore, the C90 line it connects the Hemicycle with via Stadera and the Secondigliano cemetery.

Services for other city cemeteries

Among the other services offered, the line 572 (Monaldi-Chiaiano) e 572BR they connect the Chiaiano cemetery with the M1 stations of Frullone and Chiaiano. There line 575 serves the Secondigliano cemetery starting from Scampia and the line 194 serves the cemeteries of San Giovanni and Barra.

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