2018 Carnival in Città della Scienza in Naples between science shows, games and workshops

2018 carnival in city of science in naples
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The 2018 Carnival party returns to Città della Scienza in Naples with games, laboratories, scientific demonstrations and magic shows.

Sunday February 11 2018  City of Science will celebrate the Carnival with a party open to all, young and old, in which animators and scientific communicators will entertain and guide the many laboratories, scientific demonstrations, magic shows and themed games.

The proposed activities are suitable for all age groups, so the little ones can have fun on the inflatables, watch the flight of balloons and soap bubbles or watch the waders and jugglers. For the larger ones are expected carnival sculpture workshops with reuse materials or a double painting workshop on masks and facial expressions divided by age.

It is recommended, but not mandatory, bring the little ones in the mask.

Purchase of tickets

This event is possible for this event buy tickets online, through the link that we leave you in the mirror, thus avoiding the queue to enter or directly on-site visit.

Visitors can choose to visit only the Science Center, where the Carnival party will be held, or add tickets for the Planetarium, inaugurated by very little and whose advanced technologies make it the largest and most advanced 3D planetarium in Europe.


11 hours at the Archimedes Room

Science show: The chemistry of colors

12 hours: 00 at the Archimedes room

Science Show: Animated Disguises: the mimicry of living beings

13 hours: 00 at the Newton Hall

Visual comedy magic by Francesco La Marca

"Masks and emotions" painting workshop:

  • My eyes: for children from 3 to 6 years.
  • Between beautiful, ugly and pareidolia: for children from 6 to 11 years

Recycling laboratory: Carnival sculptures

Information on the carnival in Città della Scienza

When: 11 February 2018

Where: Città della Scienza, via Coroglio 104, Naples

Schedule: by 10: 00


Entrance to the Science Center

  • children up to 12 years free within 14: 00
  • from 13 years 7 euros
  • adults 10 euro

Entrance to the Planetarium

  • unique 5 euro

Contacts: facebook event | contact@cittadellascienza.it | ticket purchase online

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