Herculaneum Carnival 2024, parades, masks and lots of music

Carnival poster in Ercolano 2024
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Il Herculaneum Carnival is tinged with profound meanings and important messages with the second edition of the event Herculaneum = Legality + Tourism “You can't joke with love”. On this special occasion, the party is transformed into a powerful vehicle of values, combining the typical fun of carnival with reflection on highly topical issues such as legality, tourism and the fight against gender violence. The choice of the period, close to the day of Valentine's day, is not random but aims to strengthen the message of love and mutual respect, fundamental in building a more just and inclusive society.

The Herculaneum project = Legality + Tourism

The project Herculaneum = Legality + Tourism, financed by the Metropolitan City of Naples, was born from the desire to relaunch local traditions through the celebration of Carnival, while at the same time creating awareness on issues of great social relevance such as legality and sustainable tourism. This year's edition, with its evocative subtitle "You don't joke with love", sets itself the ambitious objective of also addressing the delicate issue of gender violence, taking advantage of the proximity to the day dedicated to love to promote messages of respect and inclusion.

The initiative sees strong participation from the local community and aims to involve the young generations in particular, transmitting positive values ​​to them and the importance of active commitment against illegality. The event thus becomes not only a moment of celebration but also an opportunity to reflect on how everyone can contribute to building a better reality, starting from its own territory.

With this initiative, the city of Herculaneum demonstrates how it is possible to combine fun and civic commitment, offering its citizens and the many tourists who visit it a meaningful experience.

The main events of the Herculaneum Carnival

The day of the Herculaneum Carnival will be characterized by a series of events ranging from the traditional masked parades in the presence of carnival-themed buses, such as theHeroes Bus, which will bring joy and fun to the streets of the city. There street band The Carnival Band, with members of Ars Nova Napoli and Bagarija Orkestar, will liven up the atmosphere with popular folk music from Southern Italy, enriched by the Balkan sounds of tammurriate, serenades and pizzica.

A moment of great anticipation is represented by the musical interventions of the DJs, including Eduardo Tammaro, known as Edwards, who will delight the audience with his sets of latin tech, afro tech and house, and Emanuele Gallo, who will offer a wide-ranging musical selection thanks to his artistic versatility.

Le dance performances they will be guaranteed by local schools and academies, including Danza & Danza, Flashdance Academy and others, which will bring the energy and talent of the young dancers from Herculaneum to the stage. The presence of Flag-wavers of the Metelliane Towers it will add a touch of tradition and spectacularity, linking the event to one of the oldest local customs.

The day will end with the comedy show of Rosalia Porcaro, who with her monologue “Semp'essa” will give voice to women, celebrating female courage and determination through a series of rich and multifaceted characters.

The complete program

  • Tuesday February 13
    • Procession rally at 16pm Pugliano Square, departure at 16pm.
    • Route: Piazza Pugliano – Via Fevolella – Via Venuti – Via Panoramica – Via IV Novembre – Corso Italia – Piazza Trieste.
  • The procession will be composed of:
    • Street band The Carnival Band
    • Dance schools and students of the Herculaneum Schools
    • Group of flag-wavers from the Metelliane Towers
    • Group of Città Regia flag-wavers
    • 2 Open top buses with 1 DJ (Edwards) and 2 confetti cannons on board
  • In Piazza Trieste:
    • Starting from 16 pm, presence of theHEROES BUS, superhero themed buses, for the first time in the south.
    • From 17pm, Dj Set by Emmanuele Gallo.
    • From 19pm, performance of dance schools: Danza & Danza, Flashdance Academy, Fit & Dance Academy, New Wonderful Dance and DanceArt Studio.
    • From 19:30, Cabaret show “Semp'essa” by Rosalia Porcaro.
  • Where: Herculaneum
  • When: Tuesday 13 February 2024, from 16:00 to 22:00
  • Price: the event is free
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