Who is Giorgia Colombo, the alleged girlfriend of Can Yaman

can yaman and diletta leotta

The well-known Turkish actor, Can Yaman, seems to have embarked on a new sentimental path alongside Georgia Colombo. Subsequent to the conclusion of his story with Diletta Leotta (which you see in the cover photo with him), currently pregnant with Loris Karius, Can Yaman he found himself having to deny various flirtations attributed to him. However, the actor has not yet denied the recent rumors regarding a possible link with the young Italian.

The profile of Giorgia Colombo

It seems that Georgia Colombo both of Milano and both of the zodiac sign of lion. Information about her is scarce, as she is not involved in show business like the actor Can Yaman.

Some details have emerged through his Instagram profile. In fact, Colombo shares moments of her daily life, between training sessions in the gym and photo shoots, with over 16.000 followers on Instagram. Recent speculation regarding a possible relationship with Can Yaman they could bring her into the spotlight. Despite the absence of confirmations or denials, rumors are circulating that a story would have started a month ago, with some people speculating a secret relationship that would have started as early as 2022.

But is she really the girlfriend of Can Yaman?

There is no confirmation, but the most attentive have found some clues about the woman who is now referred to by all as the new flame of Can Yaman, first of all on his Instagram profile we can see that among the people followed from Colombo it's right there Can Yaman. Is it just a coincidence?

The suspicion of another Giorgia Colombo

The suspicion, however, is another. On instagram, of course, there are more profiles with this name and more than that of Georgina Colombo, which is not indicated anywhere that it would be a interior designer, we also have another profile where this type of work is written in the description. Both girls are from Milan.

Yet anotherinstead, it is one showgirl which seems to work for TeleLombardy, but what has denied the relationship with the actor.

The exes of Can Yaman

Idol in his homeland, Can Yaman it has also achieved great popularity in Italy, thanks to the success of the Turkish series “Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of Love” and “DayDreamer – Le ali del Sogno”. His participation in the Italian productions "Viola come il Mare" with Francesca Chillemi and "El Turco" on Disney +, waiting to take on the role of Sandokan, helped to increase his notoriety.

The private life of Can Yaman has always attracted the interest of the public and the media. His story with Diletta Leotta has enthralled fans for several months. Following the end of their relationship, there was talk of an unconfirmed flirtation with the Turkish colleague Demet Ozdemir and of an alleged complicity with Francesca Chillemi on the set of "Viola come il Mare". This last rumor was promptly denied by Yaman himself.

Can Yaman has officially denied the relationship

Can Yaman has stated, via his Instagram Stories, of have no relationship with this woman and also proves very annoyed by gossip.

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