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Giorgia Soleri has had great success since it was recognized as girlfriend of Damiano David (now ex), the singer of the band dei Maneskin. The girl, however, has shown a strong character through her Instagram profile where she talks about mental and physical health and where, moreover, he launched the publication of his first book. But let's see who Giorgia Soleri is. Furthermore, she supports the themes of the feminism always and asserts itself as a feminist.

  • First name & Last name: Giorgia Soleri
  • Date of birth: 3 January 1996
  • Age: 27 years
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Milan
  • He lives in: Roma
  • Height: 1 meter and 60 centimeters
  • Profession: influencer, writer, model
  • Relationship status (girlfriend?): she broke up with Damiano David (Maneskin)
  • Tattoos: various, including a large moth on the abdomen
  • Instagram profile: @giorgiasoleri_

The break with Damiano David

Damiano David and Giorgia Soleri was of most loved couples from the public, made their relationship official a May 2021, when Damiano shared an Instagram story that sparked the enthusiasm of the fans. Their love story began several years earlier, in fact, as Giorgia showed in April 2022, they have known each other for eight years.

Despite the growing international fame of Damiano and Giorgia's commitments seemed to proceed sent to a happy future Together. Furthermore, Damiano was always present alongside Giorgia during her speeches and book presentations, demonstrating a great support for his partner.

In the summer of 2022, the couple spent their holidays in Puglia, where they enjoyed moments of relaxation and a daily life lived in absolute normality.

The break between Giorgia and Damiano

THE8 June 2023 Damiano officially announced the break with Giorgia Soleri. Before the announcement via Instagram stories, the boy was caught kissing another, or Martina Taglianti.

I am very sorry this video came out, it was not how we wanted to handle the situation and it was my mistake. Giorgia and I have decided to break up since now some day so there weren't betrayal of any kind. I hope this doesn't affect it on the image of Giorgia and may you respect the delicacy of this moment.

Giorgia Soleri's family

We don't have much information about Giorgia Soileri's family, we don't know if she has any brothers/sisters, but she has a close relationship with her father and mother. Above all, the latter has repeatedly been the protagonist of Giorgia's posts.

Giorgia Soleri's mother

Giorgia Soleri's mother is a strong and courageous person. She coped well three tumors never stop fighting and protecting his beloved daughter. The first time Giorgia's mom was stricken with cancer, the model was just 16 years, yet she only found out she was given a life expectancy of six months later.

During a recent appearance at the TV show "Italian Stories" conducted by Eleonora Daniele, Giorgia he decided to talk about his mum and his inner strength. Everyone's curiosity was aimed at her private life, but Giorgia was able to go further and wanted to pay homage to her mother, an extraordinary woman who faced every battle with courage and determination.

Giorgia Soleri's disease: her fight against vulvodenia and endometriosis

Giorgia Soleri has always faced publiclyand her battles with vulvodynia e endometriosis. The vulvodynia is a gynecological disease that causes severe pain in the vulva, difficult to diagnose using standard diagnostic techniques, while endometriosis it is an often asymptomatic pathology that can cause pelvic pain and pain during the sexual act.

Thanks to her media exposure, Giorgia has contributed to raise public awareness on the issue and to bring the institutions' attention to the matter. In fact, a May 2022, a proposal of law on vulvodyniaa was presented to House of Representatives, in which Giorgia participated as a member of the Vulvodynia and Pudendal Neuropathy Committee. And here too she was accompanied by hers boyfriend Damian.

Her struggle is not only personal, but aims to bring to light a theme that affects many women around the world.

What's her job

Giorgia Soleri proved to be a very strong one an influencer, in fact she has 770 followers, but the girl is also very famous model internationally renowned. Also, in 2021 she appeared in the commercial Moretti beer.

However, Soleri did not stop at this, but became Writer posting his book profile "Miss Nobody". It is a collection of poems written by the artist:

The difficulty of loving in silence, the art of knowing how to wait, of wishing at a distance. But also the fatigue of living within the confines of one's body, everyday battles, loss and pain are the themes that Giorgia Soleri explores in her first book, in which poetry, prose and illustrations alternate as in a song and counterpoint. Interweaving flowers with thorns, ardor with desperation, desire with daily defeat in her verses, the author manages to create glimpses of unexpected, dazzling luminosity. Because Giorgia's verses make "the noise of flowers when they grow" and at the same time scream like a distorted guitar. With words that create space and turn up the volume, Giorgia Soleri reveals a new and powerful voice, able to sing love by touching the deepest and most intimate strings of all of us.

His bisexuality and his closeness to the LGBTQ+ world

When was his relationship with discovered Damian David, Giorgia's private life has crumbled and many have asked for her sexual orientation. The girl, however, had no problem answering all the questions from her fans, even those concerning hers sexual orientation.

On one occasion, a follower of Giorgia Soleri asked her if it was homosexual, and she replied with her usual sincerity and bluntness: “No, I never stated that! I get asked this question all the time, I guess someone started spreading this rumor. Anyway no, I'm bisexual!"

Giorgia has always shown a great mental openness and a strong sensitivity towards issues LGBTQ +, and her response confirmed her authenticity and her willingness to share every aspect of her life with her followers.

His love for cats

Among Giorgia's loves are also her cats. The girl also has adopted, with Damiano, a cat in the fort difficulties.

Her catscurrently are:

  • Legolas: also known as Lego, he is famous among fans of the band for a particular almost complete nude photo of the singer posted on social media, in which he was accompanied by his cat. However, the reason for the name chosen for the feline is not known, although it could be assumed that it derives from Damiano's passion for JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings".
  • Bidet: it owes its name to an anecdote narrated by Giorgia on Instagram. It is said that the cat hid in the recess on the back of the bidet as soon as he entered the house and got stuck enough to require the intervention of the firefighters. However, there are also alternative theories that claim that the cat's name is a joke on the French following the accusation of having consumed drugs live in a French newspaper.
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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