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The Three, Aka Guido Luigi Senia, has established himself in the Italian music scene as one of the most original and profound voices in rap. Born in Roma il 3 September 1997, this artist was able to stand out thanks to a rap introspective and poetic, addressing topics such as solitude, love e daily life with a unique sensitivity. His bars, intense and melodic, blend with productions cured e atmospheric, creating an unmistakable sound that speaks directly to the soul of listeners.

Was chosen among the singers of Sanremo 2024.

Biography of “Il Tre” and why it is called that

Guido Luigi Senia, Better known as The Three, grew up in a Roman context which strongly influenced his music and his artistic personality. The choice of his pseudonym, “Il Tre”, is not casual but deeply rooted in his personal life, in fact it derives from the house number of the house where he grew up. An underlining detail the deep bond that the artist maintains with his roots and his childhood, recurring elements in his lyrics.

As a young man, Il Tre cultivated a great passion for football, fervently rooting for his hometown team, la Roma. A love for sport that is also reflected in his music, where the competition, determination and sense of belonging they often play a metaphorical role.

Musical career of “Il Tre”

The career of The Three kicked off in 2015, with the release of his first mixtape "Cataclysm" on YouTube, marking the beginning of his journey into the world of rap. This debut laid the foundations for his artistic growth, immediately demonstrating an innate talent for writing and a strong ability to emotionally connect with the public.

Il 2016 it was a turning point year for Il Tre, thanks to the victory of the contest One Shot Games. This success not only granted him greater visibility, but also opened the door to a recording contract with the Atlantic Records, a significant achievement for any emerging artist.

In the following years, Il Tre consolidated its presence in the music scene with mixtapes “Krakow Vol. 1” e “Krakow Vol. 2”, published respectively in 2017 and in 2018. However, it was the single “Krakow Pt. 3”, released in 2019, marking his definitive entry into the mainstream music scene, thanks to an enthusiastic reception from both critics and the public.

Il 2020 saw the release of his first studio album, “Ali – For those who have no place in this world”, which debuted at number one on the charts FIMI, confirming Il Tre as one of the most influential and appreciated artists of the moment. Followed by “Long live the children of anarchy” in 2021 and his second album “Invisible” in 2023, Il Tre's discography continues to evolve, always maintaining a strong thematic and stylistic coherence.

Musical style and influences

Il Tre stands out in the Italian rap scene for its approach introspective and poetic to music. His lyrics, full of emotions and personal reflections, explore universal themes such as solitude,love, challenges of daily life and the search for one's own space in the world. This ability to transform personal experiences into art has created a strong bond with her audience, which can be found in the stories and emotions narrated in her songs.

Il Tre's music is characterized by a balance between cutting bars e catchy melodies, supported by productions cured and often atmospheric, which create a powerful emotional undertone for his words. The use of metaphors and poetic imagery in her lyrics adds depth to her songs, making them rich with layers of meaning to explore.

Il Tre's musical influences range across various genres and artists, drawing both from Italian and international rap, as well as from more melodic and singer-songwriter sounds. This fusion of styles helps to create his distinctive sound, which lies on the border between traditional rap and more innovative experiments.

Discography of “Il Tre”

The discography of The Three reflects his artistic journey and musical evolution, highlighting his ability to explore new sonic territories while maintaining strong thematic and stylistic coherence.


  • Cataclysm (2015): Il Tre's debut, a project that lays the foundations of his introspective and emotionally charged style.
  • Krakow Vol. 1 (2017): A further exploration of his narrative abilities, enriched by evocative sounds.
  • Krakow Vol. 2 (2018): Continues the emotional journey begun with the first volume, delving into personal and social themes.


  • Ali – For those who have no place in this world (2020): The first studio album, which marked an important milestone in his career, receiving widespread acclaim from critics and the public.
  • Invisible (2023): A work that confirms Il Tre's artistic maturity, with songs that speak to the hearts and minds of listeners.

Each of Il Tre's recordings represents a distinct chapter in his artistic journey, offering fans old and new the opportunity to immerse themselves in his reflections and unique sounds.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: ilTre official Instagram
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