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Luca. Vetrone Island of the Famous 2023

For those who like to spend their time on social media, you will surely know Luca Vetrone, a boy originally from Benevento very popular especially on TikTok. Currently, she is in Honduras as a reality show contestant The Island of the Famous.

What do we know about him? Let's get to know him better.

Luca Vetrone, the biography

We don't have much information and biographical level about Luca Vetrone. In fact, we only know who he is nato in 1995 in Benevento, but he spent his childhood and adolescence in Riccione, a city that he considers his true home. Luke has a very close relationship with mother and brother.

Studies and work by Luca Vetrone

We know more about his journey school and his career. Let's start immediately by saying that after having obtained his high school diploma, Luca enrolled at the University of Motor Sciences of the city of Urbino in 2015 and in 2019 he degree with a good grade. Soon after, she starts working at a Night Club called Villa of Roses located in Misano Adriatico and from the following year he was employed at the Big Musician, Namely a company which deals with organizing events in the Emilia Romagna area.

Di craft he is an influencer and personal trainer, but dreams of one day occupying a large space in the world of entertainment. Try it first participating a Men and women as a suitor of the tronista Angela Nasti and we are in 2019 and later he will take part in the reality of the feelings of Philip Bisciglia, Temptation island as a single tempter (2021). Currently, he is one of competitors de The Island of the Famous.

Luca Vetrone on Tik Tok

Like most of today's young people, Luca Vetrone is passionate about social and above all on Tik Tok it is very popular. His profile opens in 2019 at the time of his participation in Men and women and it is needless to say that in a very short time he obtained numerous "followers". Many know him as The lifeguard of Acquafan and after having reached more than 1 million followers in a very short time, he is considered a real an influencer.

@luca. vetrone

⚠️FAKE BODY⚠️ let's see if you guess where I've been???

♬ lovegame sped up – xxtristanxo

Luca Vetrone: official competitor of the Island

The first episode of the channel was aired on Monday 17 April 2023 on channel 5 The Island of the Famous which sees Ilary Blasi conducting for the third consecutive year. Considered the only one NIP (the only non-VIP), young Luca managed to reach the final and win a deserved prize second place.

During the Island he formed a very strong relationship with Marco bouquets, vincitore, and Andrea Cicero. With the latter he had some problems at the beginning, and then forged an almost paternal bond.

Luca Vetrone cut his hair on the island

In one of the final episodes of L'Isola dei Famosi 2023, to win a reward for him and his friends shipwrecked (to eat meat), Luca agreed to be cut i short hair.

Private life of Luca Vetrone

Luca Vetrone is certainly a guy who turns the head of many girls and women, but unfortunately for his vita privata we don't have any information. In fact, it seems that he is very jealous of his personal sphere and does not like to talk about it. We haven't been able to find out anything more on social media either, but everything suggests that he is single.

Curiosity about Luca Vetrone

At the moment, what we have told you is all we know about Luca Vetrone and we are aware that it is not much. However, we rely on this experience in Honduras to be able to know a few more details about him. Let's see some below curiosity.

  • He lives in Rimini even if we don't know if he lives alone or with someone;
  • In 2021 he took part in the music video of the song I write to you by Sara D;
  • In 2017 he took part in the Mister Italia beauty contest and will be released with the Un bello per il cinema band.

Social profiles

As we said above, Luca Vetrone is considered an influencer to all intents and purposes and this translates into a passionate and active influencer social. Below are the direct links to his official profiles.

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