Who is Filippo Bisciglia: Temptation, illness, girlfriend, children

Who is Filippo Bisciglia

Philip Bisciglia he began his career in television following his participation in Big Brother, but thanks to that experience he became a famous and appreciated television host. After last year's stop, he returns to conducting the reality show of feelings, Temptation islandscheduled for this summer. Let's get to know Filippo better.

Filippo Bisciglia, the biography

Born June 24, 1977 Filippo Bisciglia has Roman origins and was born right in our capital. Although he is a very famous character, we don't have much information about his past. What we do know is that he achieved the diploma from a hotel institute and that until his 18 years he practiced tennis at a competitive level.

He spends his childhood and adolescence together with his mother, father and sister to whom he is very close. She on many occasions she has told that to him its family he represents “his everything” even for what they went through when he was just a child.

The illness

The fact that Philip is very close to his family, especially to mum, it is due to a problem he had at birth and which had long aftermath until to adolescence. At that time, his mother dedicated all of herself to him and entrusted herself to a medical health insurance company who gave him treatments experimental to the point of making it completely healed. Now, Filippo is fine and that piece of life he can leave behind.

Philip Bisciglia was affected by Perthes disease during childhood. This disease, also known as Legg-Calvé-Perthes, is a rare condition that hits the hip. It occurs when the blood supply to the femoral head is temporarily cut off, causing bone cells to die, a phenomenon called avascular necrosis. This complex process can take several years. During this time, the weakened bone of the head of the femur begins to break but with the restoration of blood flow, the bone begins to regenerate.

In an interview with Silvia Toffanin, Philip told how the disease made him stronger. As he talked about this period, the memories related to his parents moved him. She described her father like a man from another time who, despite the amputation of a legalways kept a positive attitude. He then called it his mother as the true strength of the family, and underlined how the values ​​of honesty and sincerity that he passed on to her have become fundamental in her life.

Work and career

Filippo Bisciglia for a long time, and perhaps still today, has been considered a real Latin lover. In fact, his beauty allowed him to become part of the world of entertainment, but this is not his only quality. In fact, he is known for how humble and very polite he is. His first appearance television dating back to the age of 19 in a commercial for the Mini Rover Coupé.

Later, he began to take his first steps on television by participating in the Big Brother 6, aired on Canale 5 in 2006. It will already be from this experience that he will assume the title of Latin lover. Indeed, at the time of entry she was fiance with Flora Canto (current wife of Enrico Brignano), but leaves her on live television as he was in love with Simona Salvemini, competitor with him in the reality show.

The following year, in 2007, he was chosen as conduttore di Stay at Okkio, the program broadcast on Mediaset Premium and in the same period he was entrusted with the role of sent in the program the candidate which at the time saw Marco Liorni at the helm. The fact that he is an artist capable of standing in the spotlight is now evident and in fact, he is offered some roles as an actor.

We will then find it again in A Place in the Sun, TV series history of Rai3, and in Police District next to Miriam Catania. We come to 2012 when he is the host of Point on you, but the real turning point will come in 2014 when Maria DeFilippi chooses him to carry on his reality of feelings, Temptation island.

In 2018 it is one of competitors di Such and Which Show, Carlo Conti's program and on this occasion will be classified in third place. In September 2019 however, he participates in Friends Celebrities, the Vip version of Amici di Maria De Filippo and this time too he will take third place demonstrating skilled singing skills.

In 2021 we see him once again at the head of Temptation island, while last year it suffered a stop. This year, to the delight of the fans, the reality show will return but at the moment we still don't have any precise information.

Private life of Filippo Bisciglia

La vita privata by Filippo Bisciglia is known to all and we know that his historical girlfriend is a certain Arianna, met at the age of 17 but after 3 they broke up due to jealousy uncontrolled by him. On several occasions he has expressed the desire to meet her again to apologize for those behaviors that are not exactly correct.

Later, at the time of Big Brother, enters as boyfriend of Flora Singing, but during his stay he leaves her on live television as he had fallen in love with his adventure companion Simona Salvemini. However, this relationship did not last long.

His story with Pamela Camasa

In 2007, once the Salvemini chapter was concluded, he knows Pamela Camasa and as much as she was fascinated by him, she didn't trust Filippo much considering her sentimental past. At the moment, they are still engaged and live together in Rome.

They are not flown to wedding because neither of us believe in this institution, but as far as children are concerned, I don't agree. In fact, he would be ready to become a father, while she does not consider herself up to this parental role. However, she does not rule out one day giving birth to children.

During a recent interview with Verissimo, while Pamela was busy on the Isola dei Famosi, Filippo shared his feelings towards his partner Camassa. You described her as a woman of extraordinary beauty and simplicity. Remember when she first saw her, she just had turned 23 years old. Despite the many events in their 15 years together, Filippo is still here to tell theirs Story. She expressed her desire to become father, but wonders if it isn't now too big for this step, a step he perhaps should have taken sooner.

Curiosity about Filippo Bisciglia

Filippo Bisciglia is a very open artist and thanks to his interviews and stories, we have a lot of information about him. What we're missing is some detail about his past, but we have enough material for you to get to know him better. Below, we present a few Curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows.

  • In 2019 he participates in Amici Celebrities where he will place third and his partner, Pamela Camasa, will win that edition;
  • He has appeared in various commercials, including Mikado, TheFork, Domusbet and Lottomatica, as well as that of the Mini;
  • He recently revealed that he misses being on television.

Social profiles of Filippo Bisciglia

Filippo Bisciglia is a television host much appreciated by the Italian public. For this reason he loves to share moments of his private and working life with his fans social. Below are the direct links to his official profiles.

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