Who is Pamela Camassa of the Island of the Famous. Age, partner, job


The name of Pamela Camasa we certainly bring him back to the world of entertainment and fashion, but we cannot fail to mention his important love story together with Philip Bisciglia.  

From Monday 17 April 2023, she will be one of the official contestants of The Island of the Famous and we are all curious to find out how he fares. Let's see together some details about her.  

The origins of Pamela Camassa 

Pamela Camasa It is born in 1984, more precisely on April 22nd in Prato. Ever since she was just a little girl, she has a great one passion for fashion and will always be supported by her family. In fact, she has a wonderful relationship with both her parents and her older sister, Manola.  

In all the interviews, Camassa has always admitted that she lived a serene childhood and adolescence characterized by love and teachings on true values of life.  

Educational qualifications and first job  

Pamela enrolled at an Institute of accounting and soon after graduating, he started working at a travel agency. In fact, she enters the world of entertainment at just 16 as an actress.

Pamela's work and career

As we have just mentioned, Pamela Camassa becomes part of the world of show when she is only 16, as chosen for a role in the film by Adolfo Lippi titled Via del Corso. Only two years later she enrolls and participates in the beauty contest, Miss World and although she fails to win the title, she reaches the final stage.

However, it is named Miss World Italy, but it will be talked about as it decides to abandon the competition shortly before the deadline in protest against the condition of women in Nigeria. At that time, right there Nigeria it was the country that hosted the race and their humanitarian situation was particularly close to the showgirl's heart.

In 2005 then, he participates in Miss Italy and will be able to reach the third place on the podium. The actual debut in television will take place in 2006 when she is cast as valetta of the program The Recommended on Rai1. Also in that year we will see her as one of the competitors of Dancing with the Stars by Milly Carlucci.

We arrive at 2008 when he will be next to Carlo Conti in the conduction de The best years and immediately afterwards he will participate in the reality show, no longer active, The mole. On this occasion she will have the opportunity to make herself known and the public was appreciating her so much that many of her saw her as a possible winner. However, leaves the race because she misses her boyfriend.

After the reality experience, she will be one of the protagonists of two film very well known and successful and we refer to A summer by the sea directed by Carlo Vanzina e Cenci in China by Marco Lamberti. In 2013 he then participated in the program musical Such and Which Show conducted by Carlo Conti and will be one of the most popular competitors of that edition. However, she will only manage to finish third.

In 2019, in the fall, participate together with his life partner Philip Bisciglia to the program Friends Celebrities and we will find them in the Bianchi team whose captain was Giordana Angi. Finally, in 2022 it is guest di Stephen DeMartino in the Rai2 program, Everything is possible tonight.

Pamela and the audition for Amici

In a very recent one interview a detail emerged to Pamela Camassa that almost no one knew. In fact, she, the actress, admitted to having participated in the provincial of the talent show of Maria DeFilippi, Friends, as a dancer. At that time the choreographer Steve La Chance was judging the aspiring students and after leading the dancers into the dance hall he taught them a choreography.

Clearly the boys should have memorized it and repeated it, but when Camassa realized she didn't remember even one passage, she staged a accident and she's gone. After this confidence, she admitted that she also did this at school and that she always had problems dealing with unknown and complex situations.

Pamela Camassa competitor of the Island of the Famous

La career by Pamela Camassa is not so extensive, at least for now, but it already boasts very important participations for Italian television. From Monday 17 April 2023 she entered as a castaway in the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi and broadcast on Canale 5, The Island of the Famous. Pamela made an exceptional journey on the Island arriving in finals.

Private life of Pamela Camassa

To date, Pamela Camassa is famous not only as a showgirl, but also for her love story with the conductor ofTemptation Island Philip Bisciglia. Before this report we know nothing about the private life of the new castaway.

The couple is girlfriend for over ten years and Pamela and Filippo have known each other when he leaves the reality show Big Brother Vip in 2006. When Filippo enters the game he is engaged to Flora Canto, Enrico Brignano's current wife. However, during the game yes falls in love by Simona Salvemini and on live television he leaves his girlfriend.

In Pamela's eyes therefore, Bisciglia was not really well regarded, but as they say in these cases … the heart cannot be controlled. Despite the doubts initials, Pamela and Filippo begin a relationship that continues to this day. They have proved on many occasions that they are a solid match even though they have no interest in getting married. At the moment, the couple has not children.

Curiosity of Pamela Camassa

Pamela Camassa is a famous actress and showgirl who from Monday 17 April 2023 will get involved as a castaway from L'Isola dei Famosi. All we just read is what we know about her. Below we present a few curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows.

  • In the March 2020 issue of Vanity Fair, Pamela was on the cover of the magazine;
  • His grandmother is 91 years old and has a very close, almost morbid (her words) relationship with her;
  • Pamela and Philip Bisciglia they are very jealous of each other;
  • Lives in Rome.

Social profiles of Pamela Camassa

The showgirl Pamela Camassa is very active on social, in which he loves to share moments of his private and professional life with his fans. Below you will find direct links to his official profiles.

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Written by Manuela Bortolotto
Image source: Mediaset Infinity
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