Who won the Isola dei Famosi 2023: Marco Mazzoli is the winner

Marco Mazzoli wins The Island of the Famous 2023

Marco Mazzoli is the winner of The Island of the Famous 2023. The episode of the final brought a series of challenges and many surprises touching. In particular, Luca Vetrone managed to amaze everyone, in fact, he did to fall every single castaway, taking home every flash televote in which it happened.

Luca he beat first Cristina, then live Alessandra, then Pamela and finally Andrea. The final battle, therefore, was between Luca Vetrone e Marco Mazzoli. This time the young lad could not get through Bouquets who won first prize with a final percentage of televoting of the 62%.

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Marco Mazzoli wins the Isola dei Famosi 2023

Our bookmarks they had bet on him and expectations have not been betrayed. The presenter of zoo 105, after the first few weeks of difficulty, made a spectacular journey bringing home the victory.

The home audience has valued his love for his wife Stefania, but above all his affection for his friend Paolo with whom he demonstrated an indissoluble bond on the island. He managed to stand out in trials, especially during the final, and won with pride and amazement.

Surely the contribution of the social channels of Lo Zoo 105 helped Marco Mazzoli to take home the first prize. But surely Marco was able to make himself loved by many. During the program a more mature, more human, more emotional Marco came out.

Dedication to strong boy

Finally, Marco Mazzoli managed to dedicate the victory to his friend strong boy (that's who it is), in prison from 24 years:

On the island I couldn't take it anymore and then I thought: how can you do it Marco can't take it anymore that one day you have a release date and Chicco it is in prison unfairly da 24 years and maybe it won't have a release date yet. Can't wait to see you again in prison. Thank you all.

The final classification of the castaways

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: Mediaset Infinity
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