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Cristina Scuccia official competitor Isola dei Famosi

Sister Christina is the name by which we discovered her in the talent show The Voice, but it's actually called Cristina Scuccia. Her story has attracted the interest of millions of fans who support her with great love.

Present among the first official competitors de The Island of the Famous 2023which started on Monday 17th April on Canale 5, we will witness her deeds in an authentic adventure: she is in fact one of the official participants in the programme. Let's find out more about her.

The origins of Cristina Scuccia  

Cristina Scuccia It is born in 1988, more precisely on 19 August in Vittoria in the province of Ragusa. Ever since she was just a little girl she has nurtured a big one passion for singing and music. At the moment we have no information on his family of origin or even on his past.  


As just said, we don't have a lot of information about Cristina, but we do know that she has studied at the Star Rose Academy of Entertainment located in our capital where you will have the opportunity to study with great names, including Tiziana Rivale and Franco Simone. In 2008 he obtained the diploma.  

We could already hear her skill the year before when she was chosen to interpret the role of Sister Rosa, the founder of the group of Ursulines of the Holy Family, in show entitled The courage to love.  

The religious journey of Cristina Scuccia  

Besides music and art, Cristina has a great one religious vocation and in 2009 the postulancy process began. For two years he lives in Brazil where he undergoes the novitiate and in 2012 he takes the votes in the congregation of the Ursulines of the Holy Family.  

In June 2012 we see it for the first time in television in the program conceived and conducted by Franco Simone and entitled Dictionary of feelings, aired on Gold Tv. The following year she also took part in the religious singing competition Good News Festival, from which she will emerge as the winner. On this occasion she is presented with the passage Without your voice, published in July of that same year.  

The abandonment of the veil  

After a series of successes in the musical field, Cristina Scuccia literally disappears from television for a period, but will return on November 20, 2022 in Silvia Toffanin's living room in Verissimo. Here, she will announce that she has abandoned definitively his religious life to devote himself entirely to the musical world.

Work and career of Cristina Scuccia  

In 2014, when she was still a nun, Cristina introduced herself to the provincial di The Voice of Italy and will be able to join J Ax's team. This experience will allow her to obtain fame and the desired success, so much so that she signs a contract with Universal Music.  

In July of that same year, Cristina renews her vows as a nun, but at the same time working on her next recording project. In November, her first album was released, anticipated by a very famous cover by the singer Madonna.  

In December the same album is also released in France, where it will get a resounding approval from music lovers. Her success even reaches the Vatican, so much so that she will be offered to perform in the Christmas Concert.  

In 2015 it reached the Japan with the same album and in 2016 she will be one of the protagonists of the musical Titanic – Il musical. In 2019 she is she one of competitors di Dancing with the Stars, the Milly Carlucci program broadcast on Rai1. Here, she will be eliminated in the eighth installment.  

Finally, in September 2019 he takes the perpetual vows and will make her last appearances as Sister Cristina in a few television shows, including Guess my age – Guess the age e Name That Tune – Guess the song, both broadcast on Tv 8.  

Private life of Cristina Scuccia  

With regard to the vita privata by Cristina Scuccia we don't have much information. However, we know, thanks to the interview with Silvia Toffanin, that she was in love once by a boy named Lucio. He also admitted that even if he renounced his vows, his love for the faith will never fade. She says she is open to love even if for the moment she wants to concentrate on music.  

Cristina Scuccia: official competitor of The Island of the Famous  

The first episode of the will be aired on Monday 17 April 2023 The Island of the Famous 2023 which sees the management, once again, Ilary Blasi. Next to her we will find Vladimir Luxuria e Enrico Papi as commentators. One of the official competitors of this new edition is Cristina Scuccia and we will see how he fares as shipwrecked.  

Curiosity of Cristina Scuccia  

All that we have told you up to now is what we know about Cristina Scuccia, but below we report some Curiosity that perhaps not everyone knows.  

  • Cristina's parents, Lina and Gino, have always supported her in every decision and have a very close relationship;  
  • When she was just a little girl, Cristina performed at weddings as a singer;  
  • She has attempted to put music aside to follow faith, but has stated that for her, "music is synonymous with faith";  
  • At the moment she lives in Spain and works as a waitress.

Social profiles of Cristina Scuccia  

Below are the direct links to social profiles by Cristina Scuccia.  

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Written by Manuela Bortolotto
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